So, here we go. From when I heard about it, blogging seemed like a good idea. I like to write, I want to keep a diary but I’m usually too lazy. I am into gadgetry so hopefully this style will suit me and get me going a bit better. I am writing this for my own pleasure but it would be wrong to say I don’t like the idea of others gaining anything from it. Hence I make no apology for any self-censorship that goes on, I’ll try to keep it to a minimum but I am not going to lie and say that it’ll be all open house. I have heard it said that blogging is a democratisation of access but not necessarily a guarantee of talent. I am not writing to prove I have any talent as such. I am writing because I enjoy doing so and I have much to say, this does not make what I have to say important, but it is mine and so important to me.

I suspect the main body of my writing will be politically based, from a personal perspective. I like politics, I like to discuss it, argue about it and think about it, it’s just how I am. Being in the UK there’s a lot of apathy around, but many people are getting pissed off with the way things have been going and this will hopefully lead to a greater number of people getting involved to change things. What do I want to see change? Many things really, I think the current social structure in this country is a disgrace, a party that used to represent the majority has sold out to the market economy and is towing the business line at the expense of the general populous. There has long been a long in England of an iniquitous hierarchical structure. I do not know if I can say with evidence that it is getting worse than other times in history, but it is certainly not getting better.
I am it has to be said in a more comfortable situation than many at the bottom, I have a secondary education that my Mother financially crippled herself for, and a tertiary education that I financially crippled myself for. That was my choice but I do not think it right that I should have had to consider whether I could afford to further my education. Now aged 32 I have 2 children who are forced to suffer because I still have large debts and a bad credit rating. And what will my children have to do if they make similar choices to me?

This is a country where you are born into that structure. A single family is held up to be better than the rest, for no reason of merit or judgement or strength of deed but purely because that’s the way it has been for centuries. What sort of a civilisation is that? Does this family do any active good to those it calls its ‘subjects’? No, it does not. I know the tourism arguement and the ‘charity work’ etc. etc. etc. Let me say this, if I had all my money worries taken away and did not have to worry about where my family’s next meal was coming from I too could spend time doing righteous things. If I had the best education, healthcare, access to facilities what else would there be to do? The royal family are a parasite on every person in the country, when their needs are sorted, then may be generously given to the rest of us. This may seem harsh but in the 21st century there can surely be no place for this medieval institution. Every man, woman and child has the RIGHT to be treated as equal and judged on their own merits. In the UK you are judged on your ability to afford material things. A child is judged on what their parents do, and the clothes they wear and the car they drive and where they take their holidays. This is a nonsense and society as a whole is the poorer for that system. The rich get the pick of the education, the pick of the jobs, now don’t get me wrong, there may be many who are perfectly capable in their own right but their legacy is tainted by it not being on merit but on their parent’s income. There are many more who cannot afford the education, the vocational training yet are no worse in terms of ability. We all lose if the most competent children whatever their creed, colour or birthright are not given the same opportunity to become the Doctors, the Teachers, the Nurses, the Plumbers, the Mechanics, the Bus Drivers. Now when you read this small list your thought is probably well there will be many who want to be Doctors and Lawyers etc. but who wants to clean the toilets and sweep the road? Well, there are many who are manually capable, who like to work outdoors, who like a job that allows them to come to work then go home and not have to think about it. The critical point though is that we must reassess how we think about these positions and how they fit into society. All are equally important like parts of the machine. If the toilets are not clean we will get diseases so this has a fundamental importance to society. The doctor needs to travel to work, the train driver needs to be about his metal to get him there. We are all inter-dependent some people cure problems and others prevent problems from happening. The roadsweeper clears the leaves from the streets so that our hospitals and GPs are not clogged up wih people who have slipped and hurt themselves. There are many professions that do not fit into this category. What does the Estate agent do for the good of society, or the Financial markets speculator? Who benefits directly from the work of the bankers? Why the banks do! These are the professions that should be looked on contemptuously, the ones that serve only to prop up the exploitative corporate enterprises that leave us to struggle to put food on our table. And leave many more without food or a table.