Well, it’s officially Monday now, it’s going to be strange that because of the times I like to write the day will always feel one ahead of what I’m on. I’m on Sunday night now. Work tomorrow, ho ho ho, no problem, 3 weeks to go until I leave. My new job is a bit daunting, I’ve gone through the initial euphoria stage, then through the dread phase now I just want it to start so that I know what I’m doing and judge what is and what isn’t going to be a problem. I shall be at a University so let’s hope people are friendly.

I have only been doing this for 2 days but it’s already provided some catharsis. I feel better with an outlet. As time goes on I hope to provide my own daily commentary that I can look back on and see what I was thinking and how I did with my analyses of events, the fact that everyone else will be able to see the same gives a certain frisson to the proceedings.

I have started to see some of the other blogs here. Some are very self-orientated, that’s fine just like a diary, not especially interesting to the reader unless you know the people involved. then there appear to be some like mine that are people who want to write just because… that does interest me, the many voices coming out of the ether I like the thought of it, although more voices than ears to listen seems a little sad somehow. What worries me most are the people who appear to have nothing else, the despair, the self-loathing the hatred of their lives. I guess it’s easy for me to maintain my position, I don’t believe there is anything else after this, scares the crap out ofme but there you go. So ending things in despair seems a terrible way to finish. But I do understand where these people are coming from, there doesn’t appear to be as much hope around at the moment. There are many reasons for this I feel, my take is that Blogging seems to be indicative of one of them. People don’t feel as social any more, now I don’t mean going down the pub for a quick pint after work, I mean sitting with a small group and talking for hours, supporting friends and family in times of crisis. People in the West appear to be increasingly isolationist and they are forced by the way we now live to be so. We are herded into work on cattle trucks, be they the individual ones we think we chose or the communal ones laid on by the train and bus companies. Then we get herded home again to watch the same drivel on television to keep us all quiet and prevent introspection.

I don’t want to wallow in nostaligia, it’s an easy trap and usually without substance.