I had intended to do some this afternoon, honest. Best laid plans and all that didn’t get a chance. Ho-hum.

It’s the night before…tomorrow we shall see what sort of fight and cohesiveness is in the Left. I know I’ve been going on about it, I do think it’s going to be make or break. I hate to think how we’ll all be feeling if it doesn’t work but equally the elation if we come away thinking that this is the start of something big. Everything has to start somewhere and it isn’t necessarily an immeadiate thing after all it wasn’t in Paris in 1871 nor Russia in 1905. However if we don’t start now the damage to the traditional left could be immense. We owe it to our children if no-one else, if we don’t stand up to halt the move of mainstream politics on its move to the right history will not judge us well. It will see us as a bunch of disassociated well-meaning middle-class idiots with both feet in the past. that is if history even acknowledges our existence at all.

It is a shame that the Communists in this country didn’t feel able to sign up, I think we will be the poorer without them but I fear they will end up the losers because it just perpetuates the age old Communist-Socialist barrier that prevents us from all uniting against the common foe to put them to rest before starting to debate the minutiae of our disagreements. The Stop the War and Anti-Capitalist movements have brought a number of unlikely bedfellows together, but to unite at least a large proportion for greater political aim than single issue politics will be a major challenge. I shall report on whether we go some way towards meeting it.