I haven’t written for a bit which is irritating but it’s been a busy little while and I haven’t been feeling especially inspired until just before I went to bed last night and I decided that sleep has become a something of a sought-after commodity so I hit the sack.

I have been doing some browsing on the net to check reactions to the new party and I am disappointed but rather unsurprised at what I find: Same old, same old. Left argueing with Left again. If that continues we just won’t get anywhere. let’s face it the Right are galvanised and if people simply see us as squabbling over the minutiae of policy then we hardly look like an electoral challenge.

The issue of who the main contributors are is coming up a lot. Who cares who fronts the Respect coalition, the point is can we work within it to forge meaningful socialist politics, and if you feel the answer is no then my question is you got a better idea? I am sick to the back teeth of the in-fighting between the SWP the SP the CPB and the CPGB, Christ people we all want at the core the same thing we are far more close together than we are to Labour/Lib-dem/BNP/Conservative. You want the historical precedent of what we have become take Germany in the 1930s where the failure of the Left to unite led to the NSdAP election victory. And yes I know why they didn’t ally down to the Freicorps acting for the SPD in 1919 and the assasination of Rosa Lux. and Karl Leibknecht etc but even so Hitler’s election victory must have put even that into some perspective.

If you feel the Unity coalition is taking the wrong track then you have a duty to be involved to put your case forward and steer from within. If you stay sniping from without then I’m sorry but you marginalise Respect, you marginalise yourself and you do the workers of this and every country a diservice by rendering any opposition to the Capitalist system impotent before it has even started.
Wake up the Labour party is gone now we are back to the pre Keir Hardy days. Time for a new movement and let’s see just what we can do to bring some humanity back to politics.