I am gradually winding down in my job now, it’s only 3 more days to go and preparations are already underway for the new one. Today tho’ I was at the dentist, took 1 hour to numb me up, Christ I need to have my own anaesthetic to start numbing myself up on the way in to maximise the time. Needless to say my mouth is a little tender at the moment and the taste of cloves has been prominent all day!

I have my Mother’s car now to drive around in. It handles better than the Renault but the turbo has gone so it doesn’t have any oomph which I’m not used to. Other than that tho’ its more comfortable and has much better spec so it’ll be more pleasurable to drive, which is good since I’ll be doing 100 miles a day. It has the added advantage of being an estate which means all the better to keep my crap in and transport the children and all theirs.

Other than that this week will probably whizz by because I need more time than there is. I also need more money than there is available quelle surprise. I saw a Toshiba Maglia 20G I think it was called, retails at £1,700 it went on ebay for £233, gutted! It’s a router, VPN server, firewall and file server with built in 10/100 switch as well as a kind of Photo management server system. I WANT IT. It would be great to have to be able to integrate all my machines securely to be able to transfer data around and share the photos easily. Well there we go.

Das war’s fuer heute ist ja fast 1 Uhr.