So that’s it then, I have left, for the next 10 days I am unemployed. I shall probably enjoy it enormously and it will be over all too soon! Last day at Litho was actually fairly muted. There were more ex-litho employees down the pub than there were current ones, I was a little disappointed that some people didn’t turn up, but I had a 3 hour lunch and 5 pints of Marstons so I did ok. They did give me a nice card and some prezzies which was good I haven’t had that before. It all felt quite strange to relinquish the car that I’ve had for 3 years and leave the premises after 4 years, a strangely empty feeling of a step into the unknown. I will miss some of the people at Litho, I think it’s probably the bonding through adversity thing, you put up with so much shite that you all have to act as catharsis to one another!

Anyway hopefully I’ll get the chance to write more next week on account of having a little more free time.