One of those days, I’m annoyed, I’ve had ebay pissing me around which is not useful as I’m trying to sell stuff for the holiday. Then I had computer problems that resulted in losing 2GB worth of backup. All in all it’s been a long and bad day and as a result I’m feeling melancholy, I’d done so well this year so far but everything today just made things more and more difficult. I’ve got a tax bill for £900 because work screwed up the tax returns on my old car. I just feel sod it, sod all of them. People don’t seem to contact me anymore, maybe I’m the arsehole after all!

Other than that nothing appears to be happening on the political front, I sense failure, this is not good, perhaps exacerbated by my current mood but I feel that the unity we had hoped for hasn’t come off. Perhaps it will yet but time and money are not on our side. I’m disapointed not to have heard anything from Respect, I’d like things to be galvanised but I guess like so many I’m waiting for someone else to make the running.

The whole country appears to have been watching I’m a celebrity, such inanety, it really is the “Go back to bed Britain, don’t think about your miserable unfulfilled lives” to paraphrase Bill Hicks. “Sit and watch these vacuous twats who have nothing to offer but the fact that they coexist with you on the planet” and these idiots are getting paid for this. the rest of us sit and struggle to figure out how to have a break and keep food on the table and then we get the privelege of watching just how inequitous this society really is. To have it thrust in our face in this fashion really is profane but what does the commercial media care?

It’s all about money for those that have and all about how to get some for those who don’t. There must be more than this. Bloody savages the lot of us.