Christ, I didn’t think I was going to be able to get back on again. New job and everything means that there’s precious little time during the day and in the evening I’ve been having problems getting my connection going again so I’ve had things to say but been unable to publish.

Anyway the new job is good, I like the atmosphere, I like the people, I just hope I can do the job. It’s going to be pretty intense because the printing industry is a different environment entirely with different needs and I’ve been used to popping in, fix problem then back out again. Now I’m responsible for a fixed setup, all the Mac users basically, up to a point. So it’s networkerama and playing with SMB connections and Windows servers etc. Bit of a culture shock, got to get the brain going again or I’m going to look a bit of a git! Still we’re on strike next week for a couple of days ‘cos they’re trying to naff about with the pay structure and such like.

On the political front, well, I don’t get to listen to much of the Today program or PM as I used to so my main source of info has somewhat dried up. However there is finally movement on the party front. There will be regional meetings and there is a website now [] with news and downloads so that appears to suggest that things are fianlly getting going which I think will make all of us feel a little better and perhaps a bit more managed too. Apparently the various actions that George is taking are going well, the Christian Science Monitor has been forced to rescind its allegations and apologise, the case against the Daily Telegraph is coming to a head with even Andrew Neil basically saying time to produce the evidence or shut up. Interestingly the Telegraph has sought to hide its head in the sand under the cover of well regardless of whether it’s true we received the info and the story was in the public interest, which of course didn’t stop them bashing the BBC when that was precisely the BBC defence in the Hutton enquiry, and at least the BBC was acting on the words of an expert in the field rather than spurrious and as yet undisclosed documentation. It’s the usual right-wing horseshit, but you can bet that that the Torygraph will not be hauled through a public enquiry to explain what the hell it thinks it’s doing. I mean, things must be bad when Andrew Neil appears to have the knives out!