Noooooo, I bloody hate it when my mind does that, getting ready for bed all tired and with a busy day tomorrow and trying to wond down, I even commented on some other people’s blogs in order just to release some of the energy for writing that I had, and then the mind say, ‘right are we all settled…let’s think about death…!’ bloody hell, I don’t want to think about bloody death and least of all just before I go to bed. I swear I wonder if I’m possesed by a sadist, I suppose the alternative is that I’m a masochist with a flair for phychological torture!

Anyway this blog is a diversion more than anything else just to drive me from the nodding dog syndrome into the dozing dribbler that wakes up all sweaty in a couple of hours with backache and a stiff neck from the chair.

I’m feeling laconic today, I could do with some social interaction and a bit of satirical banter to be honest. I seem to work far better off other people than making amusing stuff off my own bat, I guess I lack originality, or maybe I need a straight man to bounce off!

I feel more upbeat now I’m going to try to crash.

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Bob Red made this comment,
Hi Dom,
hope you got a good nights sleep!
Thanks for your comments, those characters were great! ( i think ive met a few of them, but not on my way to work. im sure if you meet them at night they always have their full beams on and persistently drive up your ass!) If its ok, ill mention you and your characters in my blog next week, when i do my next “going to work rant”
Keep up the blogging, hope you are getting lots of hits and comments.
Thanks again
Bob Red
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