Wahey I hit a ton of people having a browse. I feel quite chuffed. Even though I still maintain I do this for me and the interest of other people is a bonus it’s still nice to have 3x more hits than entries I’ve made, or perhaps that simply suggests how lazy I am!
And I got another comment, well, an acknowledgement of a comment that I’d made, one that I was actually quite pleased with, very sardonnic, nice!

So I feel bouyed by the power of blog. Which is typical because I’m struggling to think about something interesting to write. I shall probably hit myself with a club hammer around bedtime to catch my sub-consciious by surprise to avoid last nights fiasco. I think I’ve got some diazipam somewhere they might work just as well but without the pain!

So that was my first strike day, it wasn’t bad, but there was so much shite to sort out I feel inclined to go back to work for a rest! I should have bought myself a little r+r time for tomorrow though by running around like a cyan-posteriored arthropod today.

I’m going to write more later but I’m tempted to publish now in case my connection goes cack later.