Well, there was a good network connection so it seemed a shame to waste it. After all the last 3 entries were officially yesterday. That being said I’ll probably finish writing and the network will have dropped off!

Anyway back to the topic in hand. Thinking of the Inferno led me to the Satre quote above and got me to thinking who do you take with you to the inferno?

Mine would be the following:

  • John Pilger -A vast knowledge of investigative information that would take eternity to cover.

    Karl Marx -Because I would like to chat politics endlessly and learn things and test things and he is the master.  And someone I could speak a bit of German with.

    Noam Chomsky -For many similar reasons to Marx with a contemporary spin.  I can also talk linguistics his other forte.

    Bill Hicks -Again the political side but I think a comedic spin on a conversation between Chomsky, Marx and Bill Hicks would be something to see

    Susan Sarandon -Because she’s intelligent, left-leaning and I’d probably be all stupidly male and spend time trying to get off with her!

    Clive James -He’s been to all the places I’d like to and is an excellent raconteur.

    Audrey Hepburn -The elegance, the grace, I don’t really fancy her but I could just watch her for months.

    Oliver Postgate -The writer of Ivor the Engine, Bagpuss, The Clangers etc.  also the reader of same.  those who grew up in the UK in the 70s will know what I mean.  The man is a walking cure for insomnia with his soothing tones.

    Rory Bremner -Politics, cricket and humour what more do you want?

    Phil Jupitus -I like Phil a lot we’re similar build, like similar music and again he’s an all-rounder if you’ll excuse the pun.

    Michael Caine -Because I like his films and it would be a good change from politics and we could discuss SE London.

    Gail Porter -I surely don’t need to explain!

    Jimmy Page -Because I want to be taught to play Zeppelin songs, I think Phil Jupitus may well be up for that too, not to mention Bill Hicks.

    Tony Benn -The Godfather of the British governmental Left, an affable chap and always good to listen to.

    Steve Wozniak -Because he’d be bound to bring a Mac we could play with.

    Mikail Gorbachev -In my opinion an underrated figure in contemporary politics and any gathering this large needs a good diplomat.

    Calista Flockhart -Because I like her ok, I think she’s sweet!

    Jack Dee -Because after seeing him in the Big Brother house which has to be as close to hell on earth I think he’d be fun.

    Matt Johnson -The man behind The The, a good music, politics and London mix.

    Agnetha Falskog (As she was in 1976) -Ahh happy memories!

So that’s my lot, I hadn’t planned to do so many but wtf.  There were many others and I think if I were to  post the same list in a month’s time half the list would probably be different. Feel free to comment and post your own or just link to your blog and do a list. I enjoyed doing mine and tomorro I will doubtless be thinking, Oh I can’t believe I forgot him/her.