Ireland, IRELAND
Together standing tall,
Shoulder to shoulder,
We’ll answer Ireland’s call.

Oh yes, it’s been a long wait, but we have pedigree at turning over the World Champions, having done the Aussies at Landsdowne Rd. last year. But to do England at Twickenham is particularly special. It was a cracking game and I have no nails left, but we deserved the victory. I wish we could have done the English last year for the slam, I don’t think we’ve ever done the clean sweep. Bring it on, who cares anyway we beat the English. We could win the Triple Crown for the first time since the glory days of 1985 if we beat the Scots at home.

Addendum [I admit I hopped in to edit this to spare my mistake, I did in my exhuberance yesterday forget that we had already lost to the bloody French and therefore no Grand Slam for us this year.]

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David S made this comment,
Ireland, Ireland
yes, good on the lads from the Emerald Isle
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Bob Red made this comment,
hi dom!
Thanks mate, nice to know someone remembered my b’day 🙂 you left yet another excellent comment! I can really identify with the 3 urinal situation. The middle one is definately for decorative purposes, and should not be used, in the same way the the middle seat in a row of 3 on a train should not be sat on. Most people seem to realise this apart from the ones that are 48 stone and read broadsheet newspapers a mile wide!
Anyway maybe i should use this as a lead into my rant on monday…
Thanks again
Bog Red
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