Typical, I have lousy networking until the point I start thinking about going to bed and then it kicks in and I feel obliged to at least get something down.

Work is going well, it appears that I am higher up than I expected in so far as the fact that I’m not a technician but a Specialist which carries extra weight and considerably more responsibility. I met with 2 of the main Mac depts. today and started to formulate more of a central strategy so I should get a chance to play with things like ARD but in turn it means my networking is going to have to be pretty shit hot. Anyway I came away feeling a little daunted but quite energised by the prospect. It’s not going to be the sort of job where I can sit back and just let the day happen which is good but not what I’m used to so it’ll take a while for my brain to realise that its services are required for a large portion of the day. Not only that but walking around campus is giving me considerably more daily excercise than I am used to and fresh air in addition so all in all can’t be a bad thing.

On the home front the guy 2 doors down’s lease is up and it appears everybody around here is going except me, and now perhaps him. He has asked me if I want to take over the 1/2 of the lease being vacated by his former flatmate. There are some clear benefits, the house is larger and more homely, it is considerably warmer, there would be someone around a reasonable amount which makes the security better. He tends not to be around at w/e so I’d have that time to myself, I likewise am not around much in the evenings so that’s an advantage for him. The rent would be slightly cheaper as would the council tax, but there’d be elec and gas which I don’t have now to speak of. The only real drawback is the part of placing yourself partially at the mercy of someone else. It is a slight loss of independence, say he were to decide after 12 months that he wanted to move out, I’d then be forced to make a decision myself that I might not want to make. It’s decision time, I have to weigh up the sacrifice of losing a bit of my freedom for better digs. I can’t live in a hole for the rest of my life. Perhaps sometime down the line I could afford to take the whole place on and have shit loads of space. That’s some way off before I can afford that tho’.

I’ve got to take the car to the garage tomorrow so I have to be there at 8.30 sharp then take a courtesy car up to work. ho-hum the rigours of daily life.