Good Day -I managed to get the car in and they fixed the turbo, it now goes like shit off a shovel it really is bloody quick and takes a bit of getting used to, previously I was struggling to get on the motorway if the slip road was going uphill and I plodded up to about 60 pissing even the Eddie Stobart trucks off. Then as if to add insult to injury when we reached the brow of the hill I sped upto 85 looking as if I’d been poncing around all the time. Now as I came onto the motorway in 4th as usual I suddenly shot to 90 before I knew what was going on. I’m now too scared to put my foot to the floor anymore. they also fixed the windscreen washer. I got some more toys at work in addition to my PBG4, I now have the ext. HD and DVD Omnidrive which reads and writed everything.

Bad Day – I left my phone at home, the battery ran out yesterday and I forgot where I was charging it. Normally I get maybe 1 or 2 calls, I got home tomight to find 6 new msgs. My credit card got refused trying to pay for diesel at Tesco’s, which is a bit bollocks ‘cos my account is overdrawn so I’m shafted for a bit and it’s 19 days until payday, the guy who was originally going to buy my G4 isn’t now so that option is shut off. Sadly the worst news was that the Father of my Godsisters died early this morning, he had been suffering from Parkinson’s for years but recently he had worsened and the worst had been feared for the last couple of days. I’m upset that because I wasn’t available on the phone earlier my poor Godsister who I have known all my life was forced to leave a message on my answer phone which must have been excruciating for her. It makes all the other events of my day fall somewhat into an insignificant perspective.