The Uitsmijter or Strammer Max

This is a really nice breakfast, looks good, tastes fab if you do it right, and all you have to do is cook an egg.

Take 2 thick slices of white bloomer bread
Spread with a thin layer of a flavoursome mustard
Place some good thick slices of ham on top
Poach 2 eggs until yolk is soft but not too runny
Place eggs on the ham and garnish with freshly ground black pepper

The Anja Potato Snack

This one is a bit of a gut-buster and not for the faint-hearted but it tastes niiiice!

Get a pack of Anja potatoes (I’ve only ever found them at Sainsbury’s) Boil until middle is softish but not soggy
Place whole brie or camembert in the oven and cook until middle seems liquid
Strain Anja potatoes and place in a knob of butter, roll the potatoes in the saucepan until coated. grind black pepper over them and roll again.
Use potatoes to dip into cheese like a fondue

Corned Beef Hash

No, seriously it does taste nice and it’s easy to cook.

Boil some King Edward potatoes until just soft
Cut up some onions, plenty of garlic and green chilli, fry lightly in a pan
Add a tin of corned beef to the pan before onions etc. have browned, cook until beef is hot.
Dice up the potatoes and place into pan, mix it all up. Fry until potatoes start to brown. Garnish with pepper and coriander.

Sausage, Mash and gravy – go on you know how to make it, try it again.

The Brownie-points Breakfast

This is a good one for Mother’s day, or a special morning, or when you’re in the doghouse from the night before.

Make 2 slices of toast, butter them, lay on some slices of smoked salmon.
Then make scrambled egg, don’t leave it too long you don’t want the water to drain off. put a good heap of chives and pepper in the mixture.
put the scramble eggs on the toast and salmon, serve.
If you want to be the swank master you can crack open the bubbly.