Sorry, been AWOL for the last little while, I have actually drafted some blogs which are at home, but I forgot to bring them in to post them. My network connection has ceased to exist so will most likely not be back on line until April. In the meantime I shall attempt to do a blog shuttle to post at work.

Thanks to those who have posted comments, it is appreciated and discussions have been had as a result which is always good. I am nearly up to the half century of blogs posted now and over 250 hits, becoming a bit of a stat junkie!

It does look like I’ll be moving house so I won’t get frostbite on my toes in the morning anymore or have to save up going to the toilet to do it all in one go to avoid my knackers dropping off! I’m also off on hols for a couple of weeks, so I’m unsure whether I’ll be able to blog from Cornwall, we shall see.

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Red Baron made this comment,
OK I’ve uploaded the retrospective blogs for the 21st and 24th of March now. Enjoy.
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