Well, I did it, I moved house, I spent yesterday from 8.15pm to 2.55am sorting out the remnants of my stuff and then cleaning, hoovering, polishing, little bit of painting (sshhh!) and in the end I managed it, just. It had looked promising around 10.30 I thought I’d be done in good time but I started to flag and the temptation to say ‘fuck it’ and just flop in front of the idiot box and veg was almost overwhelming. But of course then I’d have definitely lost my deposit, which would not have been good. The flat is being inspected at lunchtime and the keys taken, I should then find out what the sp is, at lease in terms of anything that they feel is particularly bad. I think they’ll try and pull a fast one and try to charge me for what is in essence no more than ‘general wear and tear’ and that does not come out of the deposit.
Anyway so I can’t raise my right arm above about 45 degrees, my back is tight, I look a right 2 & 8 and I am minded to just put my head down on the desk and doze until the phone goes or someone knocks on the door. The problem is you can always tell when someone has just woken up by that blearly look of startlement on there face.
I’m annoyed at blog-city’s technical glitches, not all of my posts are displaying nor is my poll which actually makes the answer to it self-explanatory, and when you click on the recently blogged link you get a whole load of stuff from 17/3/04. Now being Irish I’m quite happy to stop time at Paddy’s day but no-one told me!
I’ve been rather unlucky with the time zones this year -when the clocks went back usually time of great rejoicing, I was in the middle of going 61 hours without sleep due to chronic toothache so an extra hour to endure was just peachy, and last weekend when the clocks went forward I’m in the middle of moving getting very little sleep and needing all the time I can get. Bastards it’s a conspiracy that’s what it is.

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moving sucks. toothaches suck. hope you recover soon. nice site.

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