My 50th blog – woo-hoo and if you’re reading this, many thanks you’ll be my 300th visitor, sorry no shopping sprees or free drinks on offer, but help yourself to a comment on me!

The redbaron will be on holiday from Saturday for 2 whole weeks down in Penzance so if you bump into me feel free to say hello, big bloke long hair, can’t miss me! This does however mean that I may not be able to blog for a full 14 days. I will be taking the PB down tho’ so I’ll keep a log and post everything on my return if ness.

I will try to post tomorrow if I get the chance but I thought I’d post now in case I was too knackered.

I might be able to post some pictures of the holiday when I get back which should lend a little needed atmosphere to my blog page. That being said I should have received my SLR and camcorder this week and they haven’t come yet, which is cutting it a little fine because if they don’t come tomorrow morning I’m a bit screwed it’ll just be the Minolta and I doing the scenic routes.

Time for bed -and it’s only 12.30 hurrah!

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A visitor made this comment,
holiday in Penzance eh; now all you need is an eyepatch….ARG.
have fun, make merry, and drink a pint (or four) for the fiery-breathed one.


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Bob Red made this comment,
happy 50th blog mate!
Hope you have a good holiday, dont do anything i wouldnt do!
Bob Red
( the other guy with ‘red’ in his title!)

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Your favorite person made this comment,
NO! two people have already commented.. this means i’m not the 300th visitor.. *pops balloon* oh well, have fun on your trip!
Visit me @

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A visitor made this comment,
First of all, let me wish you on ur 50 th blog. Atleast thats a lot for me just starting off with two… Neways it would be interesting to know what the Red Baron would like to comment on this amateur.!!!!!! 🙂

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