So I’m here, writing this for post-publication, as although there are phone sockets here we haven’t cracked them yet, I suspect they’ve been cut off, that’s what I’d do if it were my house. Regent House is huge, it’s a great big regency house (you could kind of tell that from the name!), there are 4 floors of which we have access to 3, the rooms are big with high ceilings and there’s a window in the hall that stretches up 2 1/2 floors, it’s the sort of place you’d love to live in, it’s from the same time period as the Queen’s Hotel.
Penzance is still as it was, relaxed, clean, fresh air and the most intimidating thing is the occasional drunkard and the kids skateboarding on the prom. So this is actually the end of the second full day, yesterday we didn’t do much except go down to the beach and soak up the atomosphere. The journey down here wasn’t too bad, I think it took about 1hr 50 to Bristol then a bit more than 2hr 30 from there to PZ so that was pretty tidy and kept it below the 5 hr driving mark.

So my SLR didn’t arrive, the stupid thing is if the guy who sold it to me has hung onto it I could have picked it up as he was in Cornwall, so he is here, I am here and the bloody Nikon is sat probably at Coventry Parcel Force depot. Parcel Force are a complete bunch of bastards, another vid cam was supposed to troop up days ago that I was going to sell, PF say it takes up to 5 days, now they say you can’t set the wheels in motion before 15 days have expired, nice one that’s fucking service.

Fortunately I do have the Minolta so that’s been getting a fair old bit of usage, I haven’t quite got the hang of the Macro stuff yet, there are some cracking examples on the walls here by a local artist so something to aspire to. I have also ben using the Sony DVcam which fortunatley did arrive just before I left, it’s a nice bit of kit and I can use it for a good few memories to take home. That’s something I haven’t been able to do from holiday before and I looked at some of the footage and it’s the sort of thing you need to keep for the future. I suspect in years to come the type of footage I’m shooting now will look as dated as the grainy video camera footage of the early 80s and such like. Well, Walther Benjamin said that film was the democratisation of the media to the masses and I hope that I can use this cam to act as a record for me and those to follow.