So after St. Mary’s, bugger me if I didn’t catch the sun! I looked in the mirror and so what I would look like if I lived down here, a more ruddy faced person with more colour in my face and a considerably healthier countenance. I liked the new me and I’d like him to stick around a while.
I like Penzance too all the more, I can sit out at night in the mild evening air and just listen, the faint sound of the sea the occasional gull and the clock tower of the church striking with no sound vying for its attention. OK last night there was someone having an arguement in town that you could hear and someone else chucking up somewhere nearer the prom but it had been party night in PZ and after all that happens everywhere. Even where I live where it is pretty quiet you have the hum of the M1, the lights making the dark sky a sort of buff haze and there are always cars or just general background noise.

Truro trip next, Truro was brief, it was a short trip but had its moments, lovely cathedral, nearly bought a Nikon F50 SLR from Jessops for £65 (saw another later in PZ for £89). I held back because I should have a 401AF waiting for me when I get back though it isn’t going to be an awful lot of good then. Had lunch in the Cornish Oggy Oggy Pasty Company and it was like the Truronian equivalent of Fawlty Towers. Firstly I said to the guy when we arrived that there were more people to come but I knew what I wanted so could order now, he sloped off! When he finally came back I said we’ll have 1 large steak pasty…”Sorry, we don’t have any large steaks” he said, then “hold on I’ll just go and see” He came back and said that they did actually have large steak pasties. So I said I’d have one, then we asked for a cheese and onion, he said that they didn’t have them, so we asked for one of the others and he said they didn’t have them either, so we asked what they did have and he rattled off a list unconvincingly. So we asked for drinks with the pasty as they came as a meal, I said I’ll have a milkshake, he asked me “can you have a milkshake with that?” I retorted well you tell me! He went off to check and returned to say they didn’t have milkshakes and for the drinks you could only have cans or cartons, I asked what cartons they had he said they only had cans! Then he said that they had no cold cartons only warm ones I said well which cartons did they have and he repeated that they didn’t have cartons only cans! So I asked if they had milk he said they did, I ordered a milk, he asked if I wanted large or small, I said whatever came with the meal, so he trundled off and returned with a pint of milk! That was the end of our dealing with him but I then saw him serving on the take away counter giving people their ‘large steak pasty’ orders when the supervisor came over and asked him where he was getting the large steaks from as the tray he was taking from contained chicken pasties! In a way the atmosphere made it all the more comical as the chain of events became more and more farcical.

Sunday went back to Truro for Easter Sun. Mass in the cathedral, ok somewhat hypocritical with my heretical lack of belief but there you go I did enjoy the atmosphere and it was something different, the cathedral is quite a building and the accoustics are excellent as you’d expect. Did have to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning to get there for 10 though which put me in a mood for most of the morning!