So the creeping march of time brings me nearer to Saturday, why is it that for almost the whole holiday I’ve spent so much time with half an eye on when it finishes, bloody pillock, it’s like the death thing all over again. Still, it has been a good holiday and there’s been plenty crammed in even with a couple of days off and today pissing with rain. I had to get my tyre sorted today because when the car was in for service they said there was a nail in the tyre and wanted £50 for a new one, I don’t know how much they’re supposed to cost and I couldn’t run to £50 at the time anyway, so today I had to fork out £80 for one, bollocks. And I dented one of my alloys on the kerb at Truro which is a pain although no more than asthetic damage. Fecking cars, pain in the wotsit cost a bloody fortune to run, at least with the train you don’t turn up at the station only to find you’ve got to shell out because it’s got a cracked windscreen or something.

After Truro catherdral on Sunday went to Newquay for a bit of a tourist special, nice weather, nice beach and know a decent pub for food and a good pint, I have discovered Tribute -a really decent St. Austell beer, quite similar in style to XB so it automatically becomes one of my favs, haven’t had enough chances to try it tho’ I did slope off a couple of nights ago for a crafty couple down in the Art Deco pub on the prom. Hadn’t been in before although always admired the building, but it always had the impression from the outside of being a bit tatty. It obviously had a paint job this year, nicely done and inside it’s well laid out though sadly not in 20/30s style but you can’t have it all.

Also done Rick Steinville (Padstow) the man practically owns the place, he’s got a posh restaurant, an up-market cafe, a chippy that was shut the day we were there, a patisserie, a B+B and an art gallery. The locals call him Padstein. Nice place but very much a feel of Cornwall for the gentry, you can smell the cash there I like a place to be a bit more functional.

I’ve taken a shed load of photos, a couple I think are pretty good but I don’t think I got any real crackers, I tried some macro photography with the Minolta but I just didn’t seem to get it quite right. I probably need to tinker more with the settings, I’m sure if my manual SLR hadn’t given up the ghost I’d get less good shots but I might get one or two really special. But then I’d have to pay for the developing of them all so you pay your money you takes your choice. The Minolta does take excellent snaps which means I can click away and not have to worry about it.

Tomorrow I’m doing a day of going to the Tin mines, I’ve long since had a fascination with the old mine engines that litter the landscape and there’s one near Lands End that is in steam every Friday. OK it may sound a bit anoraky but there’s something about obsolete industrial that I really like, it’s the same around Sheffield with all the disused steel works. Probably tied in with the Socialist Realist art and such like. So that’s my day ‘cos there’s some other tin mines in the area so I’m going to stroll round all of them and hopefully get some good shots and video.

I am particularly pleased with the Sony camcorder, it does bring a much-needed extra dimension to the holiday reminiscences, I’ll be able to look back on a lot of stuff which is fairly interesting playing about with now so in 6 months when I’m feeling land-locked and a bit in the doldrums, ok maybe in about 6 days when I’m felling land-locked etc. etc., then I think I’ll appreciate it. No I have no intention to be one of the slideshow holiday bores, fuck off and get your own holiday you can’t have mine, it’s mine!