Bollocks….still here. I return from the delightful Pz to what? Bills, stress, pouring rain and shed loads to do. Arse!
Thanks you to those who’ve commented on my blogs whilst I was away and since I’ve returned, I’m really much obliged to you and I will be getting round to reading and commenting on blogs in due course. I’ve got a full 23 comments now which is quite a good ratio to 57 blogs. I’ve also 398 visitors so you may now be the 400th -this is very good I’m well pleased, just before I went away it had hit 300 so I’ve had a number of ppl come when….when I wasn’t writing anything aaaaaaaaah!
As you can tell I’m not pleased to have returned, I enjoyed Cornwall immensely and the temptation to say bugger it what can happen and just stay down there is one day going to get me! I’ll just go and become a barman on the Isles of Scilly!

Work tomorrow, now work is no longer the sheisshaus I was at before but it’s still work and I’ve got to move offices, as if I haven’t had to cart my stuff around enough over the last 3 weeks, I mean is someone trying to tell me something, it’s not going to work, I’ll never be a minimalist, I’m going to be Mr. Trebus when I grow up!

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Hey Red!! Just wanted to know how u mention ur fave blogs on the left gutter…
swas []

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