Fish, marvellous isn’t it? I had a sumptuous dinner last night comprising Lemon sole and makerel that was still swimming about on Sat. in the early hours and asparagus. The fish was superb, I could feel my brain expanding as I ate and there’s enough space in the bonce for it to grow so just as well there’s plenty more in the deep freeze. As for the asparagus, now there’s a thing, tastes great but why the hell does it make your piss smell so bad, I mean you nearly have to stop going it reeks so much, no I’m not dying it is the asparagus, if you combine it with beetroot which makes your piss turn bloody-looking you’ll be down A&E before you can say kidney infection!

Pz is the place for fish, well, Newlyn to be precise, there’s a chippy in Newlyn called Jewells -it’s worth going on holiday just for that, fish that’s hours old battered and cooked to order, 3 huge bits of lemon sole (any 1 of which would constitute a full portion inland) and chips £3.20, I mean pardon me for nearly coming in my pants but that’s a top deal and it tastes to die for. Anyway I thought I’d put a quick ad in for them, they’re a nice bunch down there and I visit them every time I’m in the area.

On to other matters, the blog situation, the blog-city upgrade seems to have gone so well people are leaving in droves, this is not good, it’s even reached such stalwarts as jimmysunshine (visit him and pester him with comments to stay, then ducks can cajole him into coming out of retirement!) The upgrade pissed me off but as I’ve been having various Lan/Wan problems of my own I’ve often been unsure where the problem lies. I just write my blog in AppleWorks and post it later if need be, remember James Joyce? Look up if you need to. It’s a shame when people leave this sort of environment and in this world of such transcient contacts with other human beings we can perhaps feel it all the more accutely. I probably speak to no more than a handful of people from my past 30few years whereas I engage in conversation with people in fora on the net all the time. I’m not sure this is an entirely healthy way to live, I will become Tron if I’m not careful!

I may try to blog again later as Monday is supposed to be my rant day, coming back from holiday so recently though I’m still only really on Def Com 4 so unless the M1 home really gets my dander up I may be a little too content to have a good bitch.

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Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
thanks for your message of support, redbaron. every day now i think “that’ll make a good blog” and then i remember i’ve retired. maybe there’s life in the old dog yet.
i don’t eat fish but your descriptions almost got me going there, until you mentioned bodily fluids of one description or another. i think i’ll stick to plants and fungi.

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