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For those of you who don’t know Chomsky – well you know what to do now.

No-ones commenting, I’m feeling a bit lonely and I’m on resonable form at the mo’. I guess by the time someone gets round to commenting I’ll be back to my usual spongiform self and then they’ll think I’m a right miserable fecker.

Giving blood – they’re collecting blood at the Uni next week, I feel rather torn. I know it’s a good thing to do and genetically I am likely to have a rare blood group because my Mother does and hers is dominant and my Dad’s is recessive, but needles scare the shit out of me and a pint of blood I mean Christ they don’t take any chances do they. This is the first time I know of donation going on actually where I am so I can’t ignore it this time. What are your thoughts, I’d be interested to hear from anyone who does give/has given blood.

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Bob Red made this comment,
Giving blood is a very honourable thing to do and i have the upmost respect for people who do it. My mother gave blood for almost 20 years. I would too if i didnt have a psychotic fear of needles. Yep if anyone needs to give me an injection/take blood, they have to either put me out.. or ill put them out! However, if i got over that fear (and my high blood pressure), i would definately do it to! But this also means that i dont think any less of people who couldnt quite go ahead and do it
From what i have been told, you have to fill in a form with yes/no answers, and your personal details. They then give you a finger prick test to check for diabetes/sugar level and thats the worst bit over. Once the needle is in, you dont feel any anything else, and you can concentrate on skiving a couple of well earnt hours off of work 🙂 they might give you something to eat, or reccomend you eat something afterwards as you might feel a bit light headed but this might be due to the nerves factor. All in all, from all the people i have spoken to, they all say that its nowhere near as bad as they thought it was going to be. In anycase, the blood donor staff should be more than happy to alay any fears/answer any questions you might have.
As for the amount of blood they take, from what i remember, the average human body contains over 14 pints of blood, so its not like youre going to run out or anything mate! Good luck with it and i hope you will let me know how you got on!
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Leah made this comment,
rumour has it they give you a biscuit afterwards so that’s got to be worth it if nothing else.
let us know what kind they gave you. and i’ll send you a whole packet if you have the nerve to ask them for 3.

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A visitor made this comment,
we have that (almost) every month here, you know, donating blood. this may sound funny to you but i always look forward to it. unfortuantely, everytime i go to the station to have my blood taken they would always reject me. i’m underweight so i could not give out my blood. i often insist but that won’t do me any good, does it? so there. maybe this year they would let me 🙂

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Red Baron made this comment,
Underweight is not a problem for the baron!
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