Damn, I had one of those Sundays, scary stuff. What have I done today, well I cut some branches in the garden and started a bonfire with them. Then I went down to B&Q and bought a drain unblocking thing and unblocked the drain. Then did some washing and put some stuff up into the loft. Now all that would be ok if I was sitting here saying what a crap day I hate my life etc., I have to say the unblocking the drain was hardly a laugh a minute but quite satifying when completed having saved £50 on having a plumber deal with it. The bonfire I quite enjoyed, I got a great deal of personal satisfaction at keeping it going and piling half a tree onto it, then, wait for it I used the potash on the garden and to clean the patio! Oh God -I’ve become my Dad, I have clearly inherited his laissez-faire attitude to gardening that necessitates going out only once in a blue moon and getting stuck in. On the negative side I feel guilty at having polluted the environment for the last 4 hours -there was quite a lot of smoke, I reek of it. Anyway having read bigjohn’s blog I see there is life after 35 so I’m sure I’ll be alright, it just comes as a shock when you’ve been afraid of turning into your father and you suddenly find that you did without really noticing!

There’s a good chance if you’re reading this that you’re the 500th visitor to redbaron -you’ll have to imagine the streamers and party poppers but they are there in spirit. Next milestone will be the 100th blog which will come in about 6 weeks or so.

There is a chance I may be able to get the network up and running tonight so I may blog again, we shall see.

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Leah made this comment,
damn it! i was visitor no.49bloody4! do you know, i can’t win anything, me
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Leah made this comment,
496 this time. it’s like a slow game of bingo this! i’ll go and put the washing on and maybe it will be me when i come back.
well. here’s hoping, eh?
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Leah made this comment,
woo hoo!!! bring on the party poppers!! we have a WINNER!
(and there was me comvinced i was gonna be visitor 503 or something! but no.
Leah 500 Sumner – that’s me!
congrats to you of course, redbaron 🙂
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john made this comment,
You are on track ‘Baron’. I became my Dad about 30 years ago.
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Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
it was the cheesy jokes and bad puns that made me realise i’d turned into my dad, and trying to stop the slide is impossible. i think i’ll go tinker in the shed.
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Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
drain off the oil from the sump, and keep it in a rusty can at the back of the shed. then clean your hands with swarfega. now, THATS your dad!
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