The debate on giving blood has been interesting, thanks to those who responded. BTW when I was waiting for my 500th visitor it took an age (Congrats Leah!) and then 24 of you come along in quick sucession, where were you eh?!

As for the blood thing, I’m going to have to see, there is no doubt that it is the noble thing to do, it is also the scary thing to do, I wouldn’t classify myself as an especially noble person and I tend to run a mile from anything scary -no C4 for me tonight Leah! There just seems to be the irritating little voice in my head that says, “go on it’s the right thing to do”. Not that I often get voices in my head telling me to do things, your honour, but this little voice saved my bacon when I was at university by telling me in the February of my final year that if I didn’t get started on my dissertation I was going to fail. I was so surprised by its conviction that I actually listened to it and worked like a maniac for 3 months solid and got my diss finished the day of the deadline. hence my belief that this little voice knows what it is talking about. I did have another thought, a rather more sinister thought, that if I do give blood then the redbaron will in fact proliferate himself all over the place. Bearing in mind I come from a good genetic line of loony lefties I could in fact bring about the revolution by peaceful means! OK it won’t be a bloodless revolution but it will be blood being given not spilt! Marvellous, Muhaahaaahaahaa!

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Lizard Breath made this comment,
oh good lord, another red.baron running about the planet, are you sure we’re up for it?
thank you for the insightful comments on my blog, as usual. always welcome.

what a small world, as lizard worked the “back forty” as well, giving the arms and fingers quite the nasty scrapes hauling away winter debris after hedging and trimming.

CONGRATS on the milestone 500….here’s too 5k.


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Bob Red made this comment,
395 im afraid!!!
Close, but no cigar 🙂

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Leah made this comment,
i think that confirms it. i won pants down.
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Leah made this comment,
that amused me that did! 🙂
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Bob Red made this comment,
Im not sure who got in in the end, as the next time I checked the counter, it said 402!! Therefore, unless anyone steps forward, I am declaring both you and Red Baron Joint 400th readers!! Go on… take a bow and pat each other on the back!! youve deserved it!!!
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Bob Red made this comment,
Perhaps if leah was winning with her pants down as she puts it, i should disqualify her for streaking 😉
Only Joking!!!!

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Red Baron made this comment,
I’d say if Leah is prepared to lower pants for the occasion I am quite happy to cede any rights I may have to the prize!
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