Again…more dentistry with my very sweet but sadistically maniacal dentist, Manisha. I put all my hair up under a baseball cap today (no mean feat I can tell you) to try to convince her that I’d had it cut, she wasn’t impressed when I took the hat off. Ho ho. Who does she think I am, doesn’t she know what happened to Sampson? I am consequently feeling a little jaded so having more hosepipes stuck in me is not high on my agenda today I think I’ll defer until tomorrow.

Blog news -things seem to have gone mad -I’ve had 18 comments in 3 days and my visitations are up to 586, this is great I’m Mr. Chuffed now. Although I am worried I’d becoming statistically-driven so I’ll be writing a serious rantblog tonight or tomorrow on the latest immigration news that came out today. I am cultivating my seething accordingly so I should be downright apoplectic by the time I write.

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i think (almost) all dentists are “sadistically maniacal” in some way or another. my dentist talks to my teeth, can u believe that? she can’t reproach me (everytime I failed to visit her) and so she’s telling it all off to my teeth. hehe!
include me in your stats. i kept coming here to have a taste of your political rants and a few Blair here and there.


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