Or rather not so bloody hell. I plucked up the courage to go down there, filled in all the forms, sat and waited nearly 2 hours only to be told because I had local anaesthetic yesterday and I still have a cold that I can’t give blood. – Denied! I feel a bit of a plonker now and not best pleased at having shat myself for half the afternoon only to have to go thru’ it all again next time in August. Bugger.

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Bob Red made this comment,
Sodding typical isnt it?? Oh well these things happen i guess. At least you tried which is more than can be said for me!!
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A visitor made this comment,
jeez. just when you’ve finally decided to donate, that kind of thing happens. frustrating isn’t? maybe u could try next time. i’m sure there’s always a next time.

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moog made this comment,
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