I decided to have a trawl thru’ my statistics today, call it boredom, call it vanity, I’m not proud of myself but there you are. Anyway whilst at work whenever I tried it actually took me to somebody else’s blog. Very curious.
So, I got home tonight and it all seemed ok. BTW check this out – http://www.worldstargazette.com/ the baron got famous! I don’t know how that happened I had nothing to do with it but it was rather pleasing. I suddenly feel a little global! Well, little things please little minds eh. If someone else posted it on there for me then thanks to you it gave me a lift.

Having looked at my stats a big thank you to my top referrers lizardbreath, jealoustwin, bobred, ducks-echo and jimmysunshine who have propped up my blog so I didn’t feel too isolated. My blogging strike rate seems to be about 20 a month with about an average of 10 hits per blog and 1 comment in 2. That’s not a bad start. I’m pleased with how I’ve done in April I’ve managed to put some serious stuff in with the inane banter so I don’t feel too self-obsessed [jimmy -I’m relying on you -my blog ever gets like vix you kill me right, I mean it!]

I’m going to do a general transport rant very soon, it’s currently welling up inside. I’m at the less lucid end of my biorythmical month I think, I don’t feel that inspired, I think the Immigration blog took it out of me, that and the seminar I gatecrashed yesterday at the Uni on ‘Marxist reflections on European studies’ Very interesting, very highbrow and my poor old brain hasn’t really be called upon to function at that intellectual level since my finals nearly 7 years ago.

Americans -christ they make some shit TV, why is it whenever I’m bored there’s never any really good program on. I mean last week when I was blogging and quite tired there was a series of Harold Pinter plays on the box which I would have liked to watch, now it’s all just shite so I am reduced to watching Dutch football on channel 5 -is it any wonder my brain is in meltdown!

I have been thinking recently whether I should reveal a little more about myself on my blog. There’s certain stuff that I would withhold but other things that I could tell people about myself, first name, age the boring shit!. My quandry is that this would be admitting that my blog would be playing to the crowd wouldn’t it? If my blog is truly just for me then I don’t need to tell me about me, but that being said if I were to divulge such info would this really be for other people or would it just be to satisfy myself? Would other people be particularly interested, I know blogs that have and blogs that haven’t, perhaps it is the fear of publishing that info and people not being interested?

I really shouldn’t take myself so seriously.

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A visitor made this comment,
i think your rantings here are already a reflection of who you are. some people might get you the wrong way but, it’s perception that’s playing in every reader’s mind.
btw, i like the new look.


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john made this comment,
It’s not just ‘when you are bored’. I seem to spend half the evening trying to find something worth watching on TV. How come when we only had one or two channels in black and white we spent hours in front of the box ? Now we have hundreds of channels repeating the same old crap. Still it’s good the catch up on your reading. Now get on with the transport rant – please !
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