Is it my imagination or has Craig Charles just turned into Derek Griffiths, the hair, the kaftan etc. What do you mean who’s Derek Griffiths where were you for Play School, Heads and Tails etc. Derek Griffiths was most of our first introduction to a black man -and what an ambassador, he was God the black equivalent of Brian Kant, the man was a legend.

I am either getting old or perhaps I have just gone without a good jump for too long but Kirsty Wark is starting to look like quite a sort!

Sorry I’ve lowered the tone, and after doing a nice serious rant earlier as well.

I have had 666 visitors, bring on the Iron Maiden atmospheric music!

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Bob Red made this comment,
Dont think your getting old mate, I think natasha kaplinski from bbcs breakfast show is quite fit, and im only (ahem) 27!!
How did derek griffiths get out of the sinking ship??
Through the round window!!! ahahahaha!!

Did you hear about brain kants brother sam?
When the tannoy asked for “sam Kant to go to reception”, all the BMW drivers came running!!

Sorry, im in a silly mood!!

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