There I am blithely continuing with my mundane life and doing a bit of blog diving and incidently wondering where everybody is when the little voice pops into my head again, you know the voice in my head that talks to me every now and again, I did mention it, keep up at the back! It’s usually the voice of reason and a useful presence, this time, no it twists the knife! Anyway it tells me that the reason that there’s no-one about is because you’ve all got bloody lives haven’t you, you, you……bastards! I come to the realisation that I’m the saddo of the blog neighbourhood, aren’t I, bugger, that thought had never occured to me well not for at least a week or so. I’m going to see if I can find an offy somewhere for some Tennant’s Super. Then I shall sit on the fringes of blog society and ramble incoherently until I get moved along.

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I feel your pain etc etc

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moog made this comment,
aw, mate! i understand your plight…but isnt tennants super a little strong? what about white lightning?
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haywood made this comment,
hey Baron,
I put together a little something for your site, if you can swing me an Email adress I can send it your way.


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