Salary comes in, salary goes out. That’s normal but in 3 days? I have all my bills and crap going out automatically otherwise I forget or put them off. Now they’re paid and I just have to worry about how to eat for the rest of the month. I really get the hump with all this crap, my finances are still reeling from a degree I finished some 7 years ago. It’s not as if I’m doing too badly but the bills are huge and the salary is just enough to cover them but little else. It means I’m going to have to try to sell some stuff on ebay again, I used to like ebay years ago when it was a bit of pocket money etc. but now it’s a chore because there’s pressure on and I need to be able to make enough dosh to pay for all the weekly sundries. Besides it’s so overrun with crap and businesses that it’s no fun buying anything on it any more either. Bearing in mind my salary is sort of middling how do the hundreds of thousands worse of than me manage? And then you have all the MDs and CEOs (it all reminds me of a ‘James’ lyric “If I hadn’t seen such riches I could live with being poor” very aposite under the circumstances.)

Sorry, is it just me that doesn’t get the whole corporate director’s salary thing? Now apparently we you have to offer obscene amounts of money to attract the right claibre of candidate in the world market. Forgive me if I’m wrong but if you’re attracting the right candidate why do you then need to offer a contract with huge amounts of severence money if you fuck up and get sacked. If you can fuck up and get loads of money then you could conceivably employ any idiot -I am available for profane salaries, I’ve always fancied ‘Champagne Communism’! If you look at the record of some of these directors, I mean Christ if any of us had that kind of record as a CV we’d be on income support for years. They say well the stress of the job is such that it should command a large remuneration package -stress you’re joking, if I knew that even if I ballsed up I’d never had to work again I’d be having a blast, I mean you could do the job for fun just to pass the time of day.

Ah but we are told that business is the lifeblood of the country, yeah which fucking country it certainly isn’t here. Individuals have their money off-shore and live in various tax havens and the big TNCs have their money going thru’ places like the Cayman Islands so how does that benefit your average person sleeping on the streets of London eh?

S’all bollocks and I’m skint again. At least sleep is free!

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rayts made this comment,
shite. i agree. i am at my worse when I ran out of money. i’m immobilized.
3 days you say? whoa! well, what can i say. the standard of living is much much higher in England.

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