Sodding typical, why is it I can spend many nights without a problem and on the night when everything is shut even the Tesco’s I get the hunger pangs and there’s no nosh about.

This week’s going to be a strange one what with the B/H today then I’m helping a postgrad with research all day Wed. (get £50 for it -I’m an awful tart when I’m skint!) Then Friday I’ll be down in Lon. for my best mate’s birthday. Lazy twonk decided to have a poker night in. Should be a grin but I thought my idea of a good food fight would have been a better way to celebrate your 30th. The youth today no sense of adventure!

I’m going to try to the blog marathon this month, a full 31 blog entries one per day, and no shite filler blogs so I’ll see how I get on.

There’s a program on the monarchy at the moment (Days that shook the world, why on earth would it be of any genuine impact to the world at large) the coronation in ’53, priceless crowns, pomp and circumstance etc. etc. all that bullshit. Priceless crown eh? I wonder how many people you could feed or educate with it? What other purpose does it serve? It gets plonked a couple of times a century on the coiffeured head of some jumped up toff and then back into a cabinet until that toff dies and another chinless wonder takes over. Although we are led to believe that the modern generation of monarchs or at least the ones to come are much more down to earth. Of course they are, I mean everyone gets to go through supposedly the best education money can buy knowing that even if they’re a half-wit their place in the family business as CEO of a large going concern is in no doubt. They can enter the army if they choose, character-building stuff we are told, yeah and look at the fecking characters it churns out! I mean if you scrapped the monarchy and sold off all the assets you wouldn’t have a pensions crisis for years, you could keep some hospitals open, pay for some transport infrastructure improvements etc etc the list goes on. Furthermore the drain on the public purse would be gone and that money could also be diverted to good things for the people, state benefits, inner-city education etc. It would be like giving up smoking and putting the money you’d have spent on cigs aside into a piggy bank for something nice. And how would the country lose out if the monarchy was dissolved? Well they’d have to get a new national anthem for a start, oh boo hoo hoo ‘cos the current one is such stirring stuff! You have to redesign the coins and stamps etc. like there wouldn’t be enough ideas for them. A loss to tourism, I don’t think so, apart from the middle-aged yanks who come to have a gawp at Buck. House, but where else would they go, they’re not going to go anywhere where they can’t speak the language. A loss to the political and social position of the country, I don’t think so the Queen is a reactionary figure who whilst she only has a rubber-stamping authority has done a lot behind the scenes to prop up the status quo and the elitist glass-ceilinged society within which we now live. You can’t have it both ways if you think the Queen does nothing in the legislature then it isn’t a problem for her to be removed.

Interestingly the 2nd ‘Days that shook the world’ program has just started, it’s on the death of Diana. This was indeed a day that shook the world but it is perhaps a sad indictment of our society that it should be so. I have said before that I share the view of John Pilger on the whole affair. I’ll grant you it was a tragedy for the children she left behind, it is always such when a parent dies but ultimately it was a dangerous situation putting many innocent Parisians at risk and resulting in the death, one could say mercifully, only of those involved rather than so many others that it could have been. Diana’s charities will mourn her death because of the publicity she brought them, again what a shame that we are not as likely to pay attention to worthy causes when the pampered society madam who promotes them is no longer doing so. Sure Diana did lots of good work for charity, what else was there for her to do, money was hardly a problem. Granted there are many people in her echelons who do not choose to give up so much of their time for these causes but that simply says more about them than anything else. Sorry I know this will all seem rather harsh but think about it pragmatically it is not an event that changes the lives of the vast majority of the world and especially not those of the many millions below the poverty line. The reaction of the British public at the time surprised me because it was such a public outpouring of emmotion and many of us had the hope that perhaps it was something that could act as a catalyst to break down the British reserve, but no, 7 years have passed and nothing has really changed. The interest in the cult of celebrity has not waned in fact it has grown and the lack of merit to acheivement ration has grown with it. That I’m afraid is far sadder and does more harm to our society than any Paris car crash.

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Yes! I like it. When they lock you in the Tower you won’t be lonely, because I’ll be in the next cell.
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and ill give you both leprosy!!!!
tee hee hee!!!
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Unclean, unclean.
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