Wine -marvellous, this is not entirely a drunkblog altho’ on Friday I might get close but I have had enough to be coherent but slightly less co-ordinated than usual so typing is a bit of a bollocks.

I have groomed a long blog but decided not to use it tonight because the prospect of a drunkblog was too good to pas up. I don’t wish to make it seem that I am some hero on the booze front, I just don’t tend to drink that much anymore, let me explain…I don’t drink on my own, and I can hold my beer reasonably well, I’m an Irishman it’s genetic inheritance. Wine is grand because you can quaff like a good’un and it’s only when you try to type that you realise that you’re functioning at 90% faculty level.

I’m over the hill now in the student sense so I don’t tend to get that inebriated on the whole, us professionals have work to go to in the morning and such like. So naturally hear I am watching 2 Pints of Lager etc…. I quite fancy what’s er face with the squeky voice. The fact that Tad from Neighbours is n it is a little strange.

I have been researching dodgy album covers today to contend with fred zeppelin’s blog (see 3rd party choice blogs) but I shall save my results for when I have nothing intersting to say, or at least when I think I have nothing interesting left to say.

I have had an intersting day in the company of Special Branch after my last blog, I am cordially invited to a boat trip along the Thames to the Tower of London including a personal entry thru’ the Traitor’s Gate which I am told is reserved only for the most special of visitors! I am comforted by the fact that Big John will be there for company and hopefully they won’t let the Moog (Jealoustwin) in who is currently spreadung Cyber Flu’ around the whole place so I might have a chance to recover from my current bout of the black death.

I feel like having a slash in the wardrobe.

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haywood made this comment,
Von Baron,
I realy need to brush up on my German, Das no Goodantog, anyway you can reach me at…. I can hear the spam flooding in now!
(I threw in a cool painting of the red barons final flight, it’s sweeeeeeet, some of my best work.)
LZ 99′
Visit me @
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The Skunx made this comment,
I can’t believe I only rate highly enough to get into your “worth a look” section, while ‘super-boredom-blog’ ducksecho gets into the regular reads.
There truly is no justice.
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A visitor made this comment,
Did you have a slash in the wardrobe? The public wants to know.

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Red Baron made this comment,
Skunx that’s harsh. Leah’s a grand lass and being the current holder of the Redbaron 500 award I won’t hear of her being downgraded. She’s commented thus far more than you on my blogs. Your upgrade will come but you can’t rush progress!
Wardrobes remain untarnished!
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Leah made this comment,
yes. it was a little harsh, wasn’t it.
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