Wine yesterday, beer today, I am giving a false account of myself. Normally I have about 2 units of alcohol per week this week so far I’ve had 18 -rock and roll lifestyle! And I haven’t had Friday yet when I’m out on the lash, well in on the lash anyway.

It was the Wed RESPECT meeting so we always tend to have a couple, it’s part of being a leftie you appreciate the fruits of the land and the workers labours to produce a fine pint! Coming election if you didn’t like the war Vote Respect ‘cos they’re the only party that has been consistently anti-war. Lib-dems -bollocks notice how quite they went once the troops went in now it’s election time up pops Champagne Charlie to tell us what a bad idea it all was. Very good Charlie, you were at the march on Feb 15th but what about the ones after war was declared eh? If you see the name Craig Plowman on your ballot paper give him a try he’s a top geezer and a mate of mine and he’d make an ecellent representative because he’s a genuine down to earth fella.

RESPECT is not necessarily getting much press publicity but I do hear of people’s views, the leader of the Muslim Parliament has stood down to stand as a candidate and John Rees in the West. Midlands is superb. If you veer to the left do look us up, what else are you going to do. Don’t forget it’s PR so you don’t have to worry about a split vote letting the BNP in.
[That was a Party Political Blog on behalf of Respect – The Unity Coalition -]

We are getting up towards the 1000 visitor mark so keep an eye out on the hit counter and if you have a blog let me know and I’ll pop you in the milestones links. (shh you have more chance if you don’t tell Leah!)

Woo-hoo I’m in the blog-city homepage top comment makers – who’s the daddy of bullshit artists?!

You’ll have to wait for the album covers until another day. Might bung it in at the weekend.

Check the new header out -isn’t it fab, many many thanks to Led Zeppelin 1999 for that (check his site out as a thank you from me.)

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Lizard Breath made this comment,
like the header, helps the new ‘look’ make a little more sense.
how’s the blog-a-thon going? are you doing it for a charity or for a personal blog best?

cheers. lizard.

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moog made this comment,
i love the new titles, its so cool!!!!(sneeze..)
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haywood made this comment,
whats so wrong with shameless self promotion anyway?
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Tine made this comment,
Goodluck with the blog-a-thon. I’m back in blogland in one or two weeks if not tomorrow or in a few days. Have to do some spring cleaning lol. Thanks for the visit.
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