Firstly I must say thank you to those who posted comments after yesterdays entry, I was in a bad place, as you could probably tell, and the blog at least allowed me to vent a little, the comments you made were unexpected and extremely welcome and although I’ve had a shit day today as well I do not feel quite so despondant. I was quite touched by the response it really does mean a lot. I shall get round to individual thanks soon which will hopefully have the added bonus of keeping me on the Blog-City Top 5 commentators board. Christ that udfko must comment a bit tho’! For the rest of you who managed to wade through my last blog my apologies I’m sure you have your own problems and the last thing you want to read is me bemoaning mine. I shall endeavour to return to normal service of political rants and associated musings and not descend into the abyss again at least hopefully not for a while, next time I may not be on the blog-a-thon so I can let it slide and have an ‘off’ day.

Why was today crap, well general bollocks really, had to get up a Stupid O’Clock to go to Dental A&E took me 2 1/2 hours to get there, then had to wait 2 1/2 hours to be seen. Finally got to work around 2 and got stuck in the lift, only for a brief period but it was long enough that if anyone else had been in there they would either have been killed or shagged, quite probably both, certainly not in that order!

My car is giving me real gip the brakes need doing and the rear shocks have gone so it is still driving like a beast, the tax expires next month so that’ll be some more cash to sink into it. I bloody hate cars. I bloody hate driving.

I had a Respect meeting this evening, we’ve been taking a look at the opposition and they’re not up to much the pamphlets are starting to arrive the glossy New Labour all style no substance, the UKIP (BNP for the middle classes) with that tosser Kilroy-Silk, the Greens which was on recycled paper but looked a bit flat to be honest. Haven’t seen the others yet and ours should be coming soon with any luck it might be the last one. This election has been something of a non-starter and I think that’s the way the main parties want it – the Tories want to show the interest in Europe as being non-existent, Labour want to minimise the protest vote and the Lib-dems sense that they haven’t had their finger on the pulse this time round with their neither one way nor the other viewpoint on the war. Anyway Respect has its official launch at the House of Commons tomorrow so hopefully we’ll get a bit of coverage.

I will resume the Media rant, probably tomorrow I just thought it important to show that I had largely recovered from the gloom.

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A visitor made this comment,
Being shagged on a lift .. that’s a nice thought to goto sleep on.

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Lizard Breath made this comment,
I don’t understand why you think you shouldn’t be allowed to vent, bemoan and/or descend on your and any other blog for that matter, whenever you choose to. this is a form of self expression, almost a piece of art, and should be treated as such. let it out man!
and oh, I totally agree w/ Pip…what a nice visual for heading to bed….


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A visitor made this comment,
those shit days just suck don’t they. and once you’ve decided that it’s shit, nothing can fix it. you just hope the blood lust in your eyes isn’t as visible as you feel it should be.

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Cancergiggles made this comment,
“My car is giving me real gip the brakes need doing and the rear shocks have gone so it is still driving like a beast,”
Of course – it’s a bloody Skoda!
This should make an interesting headline though. “Cancer victim threatened with kicking by Skoda lout”
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[Redbaron responds -Damn I hate it when I get caught out. ok Cass fair play you got me!
A suitably chastened Baron!]

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