Is it just me or do the American neo-cons all seem to be sounding remarkably like they did some years ago. You have to admire them for it, to be able to disregard irrefutable evidence and sally forth with the same happy-go-shooty attitude is remarkable. I do feel it my duty to point out tho’ that er….how can I say this……you actually LOST in Vietnam. I know it’s hard to take and you carpet-bombed Cambodia and blamed the casualties for that on the Khymer Rouge to try to cover up the retreat but you did lose the war. Rambo was not a series of Panorama exposees it was fiction. The VK may have been commie farmers but you attacked their home country and they defended it.

Perhaps you can see where I’m going with this. Iraq, small country, long way away, but a group of people call it home, or at least they did when there was anything identifiable left of it. Now you’re all over there and they don’t want you there, I’m sorry to break this to you but for some inconceivable reason they don’t actually like you, it’s hard to bear I know but you have to come to terms with the fact that staggering tho’ it may seem they aren’t the only ones. Now I’m talking about the government here, I have no problem with the American people, not even the dimwitted ones, if Billy-Bob wants to shag his sister Mary-Anne I’m not going to approve but equally I’m not going to napalm the caravan park.

Now this world’s policeman thing -yeah, you may think it’s a badge of honour but you know in many countries we don’t actually like the police they are often a bunch of failed squaddies who beat people up especially if they’re the wrong colour or creed, oh yeah I forgot your Plod do that too so no lack of comprehension there. The point is you don’t adhere to international law, you disregard the Geneva Convention when it suits you, you do not observe the fundamental declaration of human rights, you have withdrawn from environment treaties, you will not cede legal sovereignty to an international court tho’ you expect your enemies to do so and you use the UN as a rent boy to fuck up the arse when it pleases you. After all you have defied UN resolutions time and time again -far more than Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddaffi, Idi Amin and Fidel Castro all put together. In fact there’s only one country that has defied more than you and that’s your mate Israel.

May I make a suggestion? Why not let the International Election observers come in in November and just make sure that your democracy is up to scratch and that the last election was a one-off fiasco, then the rest of the world might take the notion of you foisting democracy on other people a little more seriously.

Song of the day -new feature for my blog, I listen to a reasonable amount of music in a day but I decided to pick a song that I’d listened to in the day that I felt summed things up regarding my mood. I know quite a few people are doing it, I don’t claim to be unique I just thought it would be interesting.

Today’s offering – When the Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin

[Disclaimer -this blog is aimed at the US govt. and any other neo-cons, it is not an anti-American blog, it is an anti-republican blog. I say this just so there is no misinterpretation as the neo-cons have a habit of claiming that any criticism of their imperialist policies is anti-american, this is to try to get the rest of you to not scrutinise what they are actually doing -hence the title of the blog]

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The Skunx made this comment,
What a fantastic blog entry!
Well done.
I agree with all the points you made in there.
Especially the bit about not having a problem with Yank hicks.
They always think a bad word against their latest puppet-leader is a direct attack on them as a nation. It isn’t.


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[Redbaron responds -Yes I quite enjoyed getting that one off my chest. Amusingly it was posted before Jen left her 23p worth so my entry becomes prophetic!! I wonder if she’s read it yet, she’s going to love it, I can tell! I can hear the B52s now!]

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Karen made this comment,
Hey there, thanks for the comments and its good to meet you. I have seen you at Tine’s a few times and Leah’s I think – you should post the questions then if someone is nasy you can always hit ‘delete comment’!
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Katie made this comment,
Great blog today, would love hear your opinions on Guantanmeo Bay. Couple of things though, not all police are violent bigotted ex-squaddies, that is exactly the kind of generalisation that you hate. Also were you being sarky about my fishnets? They can be classy especially worn as I was with a knee length skirt. So there.
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[Redbaron responds -I agree that the police jibe was a sweeping statement but Itook artistic license because I would have had to make the blog flow a lot more disjointed to quantify the comment. As for the fishnets muwahahahaha!]

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Katie made this comment,
Tarty, honestly, were you thinking lewd thoughts about me Mr “baron”. As for making a proper socialist of me..I would say that I do in fact consider myself to be a proper socialist but believe that you can actually make more impact from the inside rather than out. Also if its not too personal a question, may I ask how you intend to vote in the forthcoming elections, surely a man as articulate as yourself can’t believe that a wasted vote is a protest statement?
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[Redbaron responds -Actually I liked George Monbiot’s idea that there should be a ‘none of the above’ box. This would ensure that the vote paper is tallied and the disgust is registered. I have sympathy with those who don’t vote after all those of us on the left have been disenfranchised for years ….until now.]

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Katie made this comment,
I had noticed the Respect links yes, I didn’t realise that they would have anyone standing in your region, so I’ll rephrase the queston, in local/national elections what do you do?
Also I’m well aware that men in their 30’s can still get the ‘horn’ (nasty phrase) you’ve read enough of my escapades to know that.
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john made this comment,
One of the reasons that the US lost in Vietnam was because the military had no respect for the people that they were supposed to be saving. Now they are supposed to be ‘saving’ the people of Iraq.
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