I didn’t know Uncle Noam was about but here he is. Paxman interviewed him on Newsnight and he was quality you did get the impression that even Paxman was impressed. Chomsky was speaking today at a free venue in London I can’t believe it, tomorrow he’s in Oxford but it’s a ticket only event and I cannot find out where else he may be on this tour. This always happens and I’d really like to see him. Bugger.

Shit – this is my 100th blog -I forgot, I was going to try something flash for that milestone. Hmm, nah can’t come up with anything off the cuff. There you go – 100 blogs and 150 comments good call. Glad I started this in Jan.

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Jennie made this comment,
I tried to reply to your comment, but my long comment did not go through for some reason, so i’m not re-typing it incase it doesn’t go through again.
To put it in a nutshell, I was wondering why you want me to read your blog when you must have read enough of mine to know that I lean VERY far to the right?????
[Redbaron responds – It’s like sticking your hand into the flame to see how long you can hold it in for before it burns, as regards wanting you to read my blog -that’s your choice, I stick my url in so you know who I am should you wish to get background info or come here for a verbal punch-up! BTW try your long entry again, put it in 2 parts if you like, perhaps my blog just can’t take too much conservatism in the one go!!]

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The Skunx made this comment,
For those who missed the Chomsky interview, you can view it at http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsnight
What is Jen’s website address?
I want to feel that burn you speak of.


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john made this comment,
Happy century and keep flying at the same altitude.
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Jennie made this comment,
Don’t bother Skunx-I know who you are and am not interested in hearing your silly opinions.
As for you Redbaron, I chose to look at your blog since all you sent was the link-no actual comment. There’s no sense in me re-typing my first comment as nothing you can say-especially a non-American who has a “socialist” media, that can change my opnions, and i’m not going to argue my points against yours. i may have done so if you were American, but since your not, what’s the point?
Also that you and skunx associate, and knowing how rude he is, and immature by attcking people personally (remember proudamerican girl skunx?) when their opinions are not the same as his, i have to assume you may be of the same character.
The only comment i will make since it’s a fact and there’s no need to get into a debate-because i won’t, so don’t bother, is that your OWN prime minister supports my great President.
[Redbaron responds -Ooh it’s the one bad all bad principle, I’m glad to see American neo-cons are not racist in that regard, they apply the same principle to leftie bloggers as they do to arabs! Now you can attck me on my blog because I have the ability to defend myself but if you want to attack skunx then do it where he has the right of reply. Oh sorry I forgot you guys don’t like comebacks you like to ship dissidents to a small corner of an island that you’ve been illegally bleeding dry against UN resolutions for 50 years, oh sorry I forgot again you guys don’t do UN resolutions you make the ones you want and disregard any you don’t like. You won’t argue with me because I’m not American -well that has to be the first time I’ve ever regretted not being a ‘septic’! As for the prime minister bit -you take that back he’s naff all to do with me, I just live here! By the same logic that means you should support everything that is going on in Uzbekistan because their premier supports your half-wit president. Sorry I forgot you guys don’t do Geography, -Uzbeki……forget it just go straight out of New York until you hit Europe -you know the big place the other side of that water -no not that one that’s Japan the other water, when you get to Europe keep going until you hit Russia -you can’t miss it everythings painted red and they all have large moustaches like Stalin then turn right and ask for directions -just say s’cuse me buddy I’m here to invade!
Notice I attack collectively not personally because there’s so much more ammunition that way. As regards no comment on your site maybe your site equally doesn’t like my comments, I certainly put one in I always do when I’m on a blog dive, I’m not a shameless self-publicist am I Skunx?!]

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A visitor made this comment,
Go go go Red Baron! You do this counter-attacking so much better and wittier than I do, I might hire you to reply to any silly ignorant political comments made in my box.
And I’m really furious I missed seeing Uncle Chom talking with Paxo on Newsnight: how were they together?

Natalie [augustine.nda@remove_this_blueyonder.co.uk]

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A visitor made this comment,
I forgot to say that I found your blog via my friend Cass Brown. I’m going to link to you now on Blaugustine and hope you may do likewise.
Natalie [augustine.nda@remove_this_blueyonder.co.uk]

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moog made this comment,
i saw a documentary on you last night. it was called ‘who shot the red baron?’, actually, i must admit i didnt watch it all, as ‘hypnosis ruined my life’ was on the other side…sorry. ๐Ÿ™‚
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A visitor made this comment,
and then there’s the unanswerable question… what would happen if you went back in time and killed your grandfather…?

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Katie made this comment,
Have I done it in public? What do you think? Thanks for the comments by the way, kind of helpful actually.
Also what was Jen’s blog address,c’mon tell us to we can all go and bomb it with ‘leftie’ properganda
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The Skunx made this comment,
I thought I remembered you Jen.
You were the one that nearly cried when I called the PAG the PIG.
Those were fun days baiting that Nazi.

Where did she go?
I always hoped she’d lost her job because of George Dubya’s employment record and then got pregnant on a one-night-stand with a black guy.

Now that would be funny.
The ultimate irony (look it up Yank).
I’d like to see her pro-life flag-waving attitude deal with that one.


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A visitor made this comment,
just read your post of a couple of days ago and wanted to say: you are right on target with the feeling like utter shite thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Quitting smoking brings up all sorts of things because one of the things that smoking did was create a screen ( a smoke screen! ha!) for funky emotions to hide behind. I’ve found meditationto be a great help and if you are a leftist hippie, you probably know one or two places to go . . . Buddhism can be a great place to go watch your demons float around and beat one another up (instead of you) Hang in there!!!
Katherine [nomadicgrace@yahoo.com]

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A visitor made this comment,
was curious with the statement on top your blog. So you’re a Leftie.
I say, where I came from, when walking, cruising – an especially in politics, I stick to the RIGHT.


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A visitor made this comment,
may i know this particular Jen’s weblog? I think we share the same affililiation to the “right”.
Calling Jen.


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The Skunx made this comment,
Oh yeah and you are a shameless self-publicist.
But enough about him.

Come visit me at Skunxland, free coffee and muffins 8 ’til late.


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Jennie made this comment,
I have put my blog name in the URL.
Anyway, it’s jennie.blogcity.com
Sadly for everyone, it’s really not a political blog, it’s more of a “bitch about my life” blog. It’s been sometime since i actually blogged-the one redbaron is referring to was just one to keep my blog open for when i want to go back.
You don’t have to tell me where england is redbaron, i have several good penpals in england-oh, and not just the inbreeding Norfolk people you referred too skunx. Though there are (sigh) people like you in England, i have ALWAYS loved British history-oh yeah skunx-I also cried when Princess Diana died. As far as Pag, don’t know what happened to her-guess she got sick of people like you. you want someone good to debate politics that could kick your ass word for word, my hubby would be the one. Sadly, he has no blog and doesn’t know about mine, so I can’t.But I know he would be more than happy to answer/comment on things you may have to say-that i will put in my blog just for ass-h-opps-don’t want to stoop to your level, like you ๐Ÿ˜ฆ see, I must have some of that AWFUL leftie in me (dear Lord! I hope nobody that knows me see’s that I would admit to a horrible thing like that.) since i CRIED (and that is meant to be sarcastic) over your childish reference to Pag. Oh-as for your black man referance, i’ve been with one myself before-and it’s pretty much everything you hear ๐Ÿ™‚ But being the rightest that I am-no, black men are not my thing. Hold on to your seat though, i do have some black friends-no, not from where I live. Living in the yanky redneck area that I do, people still hang up the rebel flags and drive around with them on the window of their monster trucks! Not me though. Yep! There again, it’s everything you hear it is. Oh! Another BIG shock!!! 3 of my 4 kids have been shooting (yes, guns) since a young age. Infact, two of them have taken their safety hunter courses, and my oldest I have come out with a, YES, loaded gun to kill ground hogs or other varmit (don’t want to be like you skunx, so i won’t elaborate on the word VARMIT) in my garden. that’s right!!! In our own back yard!!! Did i mention how proud i am that my 14 yr old son ia an EXCELLENT shot?? I’m sure that will have you grinding your feet into the carpet now! Another thing for you all to have a good “attack Jen” is i LOVE to smoke pot!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Especially whenever i have to deal with (I’m being politicly correct, just for you skunx and redbaron) people like you! Before you get into this aspect-no, my kids have never seen me do it-my hub hates that i do it. hurry up now-maybe you will actually decide to try to get in touch with my dreadful goverment to hunt and track me down for loving pot-maybe I’ll add some of that to my HERB garden ๐Ÿ™‚ Want my address???? ha ha!! And will shoot the animal myself trying to eat that! No, I don’t have the fondness for guns that my men do-that horrible (gulp) left side of me likes animals-though I do cage them up (my birds, so peta wouldn’t have me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I can’t tell you how devistated i am over that-NOT.
Niadi, feel free to visit my sight-any of you really. I am telling the truth when I say my blog really isn’t a political one though i am interested. There must have been enough since rebaron left his link on it for me. I’m surprised knowing the things i wrote in there redbaron, that you haven’t attacked me just for some of the things I’ve done-maybe your not so bad after all-just need to not live where you have a commy loving socialist media. funny that you mention (in so many words) that I may be a commy-that’s exactly what people like me think about people like you!
Well, I’ve taken up enough of your blog room, though it has probably made for one of your best commentaries yet. thank you all for bringing out the happy bitch in me ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
Come visit my site if you like. Now i must go and take my first round of perscription pain killers for the day……………:)
[Redbaron responds – Too….. many…. things…. to shoot down…… Aaaaargh, left-wing overload -need more redbarons to tackle this one, could write a weeks worth of blogs on it!]

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Jennie made this comment,
Oh-me again. Now i see how this all started-with my Feb 23, 2004 blog.
Reading it again, i still believe in EVERY word I said!
In case that one can’t be seen:
Have a nice day all ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

[Redbaron responds -Actually no your Feb 23 blog had nothing to do with it, I haven’t read it. You posted to keep your blog open and I posted a comment encouraging you to do so. I’m still glad I did, I like political discourse but then perhaps that is because my arguement has some validity!]

comment added :: {ts ‘2004-05-21 15:07:44’} GMT+01

Red Baron made this comment,
Actually I have now done a bit of reading of Jennie’s blog and 2 of the blogs in Feb. I feel now that to take her on a la Valhalla would be like the Baron swooping down on unarmed enemy civilians.
I detest her politics but feel that these are the least of her problems. So whilst I am now quite up for a verbal ruck I think I’m going to have to take it out on someone else. Valhalla wtf you been up to recently?!

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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-05-21 18:48:05’} GMT+01

A visitor made this comment,
Was she stoned when she typed that?

The Skunx

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