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no pic showing up – ya cyber-geek wannabe! seriously, there’s a little red “x” there — unless that’s the joke and now I’m REALLY lost….gah…I’m leaving now. really need a drink.

Lizard Breath

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Red Baron made this comment,
Hmm -checked the link and seems ok -always displays ok for me. What browser you got Lizard?
BTW what dyu mean cyber-geek wannabe!!

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Rachel made this comment,
as far as i’m concerned, god bless you. i have been working for years, and i also have no problem paying, as long as i can be convinced that my money is going to a worthy cause, rather than straight into someone’s pocket. however, unfortunately, there’s no way to be guaranteed, and so we simply continue to loathe the idea of taxes.
as far as welfare is concerned, the only reason that’s such an issue is because it’s an ending cycle. although you can always rise above the bar and be welcomed into anything better than what you feel is below average, how can you be expected to if everyone else’s expectations are also as low?
i think it’s despicable how charities hire celebrities to stand there in filth and tell ME that eighty cents a week is really nothing. most of the people they hire could feed a third world country with their pocket change!
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Lizard Breath made this comment,
MS IE 6.0
still can’t see anything but the red-x.

I would explain what I mean…but it would probably make your head hurt. mmmuaahahahahahaha


[Redbaron responds -well Internet Exploder that explains it, I always use a proper browser like Safari or Camino. Firefox is supposed to be good and that’s cross-platform -looks a bit too PC-like for me!]

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RB– I can’t see the pic either– it is a red x like it is for Lizard Breath.

[Redbaron responds – No you’re quite right, I tried a different browser and it was all a bit funny the pic didn’t display and various bits of my gutter were the wrong colour. It always seems fine with Safari which is what I use for admin stuff. I’ll try some tweaking and see what I can come up with. html isn’t really my thing but I guess it’s time to learn]