OK the title gives it away, I thought I’d let you off the hook this entry, you’ve been very good and read a lot of high-brow serious political stuff not to mention some pretty hefty comments so it’s only fair you get a break. Hence here is Pulpblog! I decided to write having heard Kylie’s latest single ‘Chocolate’ and finding I actually quite liked it. Now Kylie and I go way back. I had pictures of Kylie on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager all the way back in 87-88 -most of you lot were probably about 4! Anyway it wasn’t cool to like Kylie then, people were not talking about her arse and even I had to hide in shame with regard to ‘I should be so lucky’! In her music career I found I like 3 songs in total but I always rather liked the ‘diminutive antipodean’ as my Dad used to call her. then it became cool to like Kylie and you know me well enough by now to know that conformity isn’t really my bag so I had to go underground! It feels strange that Kylie has been my kind of pin-up choice for over 15 years, normally the people you fancied when you were young are significantly older so as to make it far less likely that you would grow up still looking at them the same way.
So, I’ve confessed it, I feel better now. For a rocker there are certain songs that I don’t know entirely why I like them and they’re totally out of the genre I normally listen to. Sugababes – Hole in the Head for some reason that makes me quite hot! I’ve been a Kraftwerk fan for many years since hearing Trans Europe Express in the late 70s. I even like a bit of Handel or Dvorak on occasions! Yes, can’t you just see the Baron as a powdered poppinjay prancing around the 18th century. Ho ho, well I have the hair for it without needing a wig! No it would need colouring it’s not that grey! I don’t think the trousers would do me any favours either physically or aesthetically!

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A visitor made this comment,
Nice light sweet nostalgia post– just my speed. But uh, don’t know Kylie or sugababes, or Hole in the Head or Kraftwerk . . . hmm, musically I am SO not in tune. Have you checked out http://www.3hive.com?

[Redbaron responds- What do you mean you don’t know Kylie -everyone across the globe knows Kylie! Ok Sugababes, no problem there, Kraftwerk -well dig out all the Depeche Mode and 80s electronic music as well as The Orb and 90s Techno and Ambient -and you’ll find Kraftwerk at the root of all of them]

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Lizard Breath made this comment,
so…I’m guessing when Kylie sang “do the locomotion” it took on a whole new meaning. muuahahahaha.
we’re gonna make it every day this month! good job ‘mate’.


[Redbaron responds -It wasn’t so much the singing but the actions in the dance sequence – hoo-aah, that rang my bell!]

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ryan made this comment,
Bah, bloody auzzies
Metallica all the way
Also abit of Salmonella Dub, but their a New Zealand Band, so you all wouldnt know them
And Now about this … arrangement, yes im sure we can come to some agreement, want do you want?

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[Redbaron responds -I usedn’t to be averse to a bit of Metallica but then I found out they were at the forefront of personal litigation against US teenagers who were downloading music and that switched me off them a bit. I don’t know many NZ bands tho’ I think The Exponents were from your part of the world.]

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Katie made this comment,
Sorry for keeping you up half the night, hope you’re not too tired this morning… Me thinks however that someone needs a musical education, kraftwerk honestly you need to ‘get down with the kids’ a bit more don’t you. Glad you took the stance against Metallica though, good man.
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john made this comment,
Surely it would be more fitting for The Red Baron to fancy that other Australian chanteuse…Dame Nellie Melba.
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[Redbaron responds -I’m into many things John but necrophilia just ain’t my bag!]

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Katie made this comment,
1)No I hadn’t been up long (your fault)
2)The pissing on the phone thing he actually discussed with me, saying he wouldn’t do it with most, but I am one of a (very) small group that had would ie people he’s shagged
3)I don’t like dance music so don’t much care about what influenced it.
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Katie made this comment,
Archbishop eh? Kinky. No credit on phone I’m afraid so not not texting (double negative I know). Now do some bloody work- stop skiving
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ryan made this comment,
I would like to point out that they have this web site called Metallica Vault, which is a site where you can download Heaps of metallica song and stuff. Its at http://www.metallicavault.com/ and all you need to join is a CD code.
Zed is another NZ band you mite know about, but more in the USA
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