I know you’re out there, some of you may be reading this thinking I was about to launch into an abuseblog, I do not need to do this, you do a far better PR for the Left by leaving me your comments! I would like to say, I have no problem with you disagreeing with my view and no problem with you voicing the same on my blog. I welcome you popping by, Jen and friends, it gives me something fun to do in the dark of night! I do not censor my blog, I reserve the right to respond to comments as I see fit but I will not change any comments you have written. Nor have I reported any to blog-city as spam which I would be perfectly entitled to do for the ones with personal insults, I’d rather leave you festering in your own idiocy to be honest! I like a good discussion probably more than the next man and heated politics is what I like best so bring it on. I would just ask one thing tho’ – when I go blog-diving and leave comments on your site, I always leave my handle and url so that if you want to rebutt or express your opinion you may do so. It seems the polite thing to do. I would ask you therefore to do me the same courtesy. I do not leave obscenities on other people’s sites but I will sometimes enter into discussion -an example see valhalla.blog-city.com -if you don’t feel you can cope with criticism then I am happy for you to say so and I will not bother your site.

Furthermore I wouldn’t descend into personal insults unless I felt my arguement was spent, it’s up to you but let me make it clear if you post personal insults -every reader with even a moderate brain will laugh at you. If you have debating skills use them, if not well, they say “……..get out of the kitchen.” If you are going to use insults you should be aware that ‘commie’, ‘leftie’, ‘red’, ‘pinko’ etc. are not going to work -I like these titles and am more than happy to admit my political inclinations, we don’t currently live under complete MaCarthyism. Also I can then level the same type of insult back at you and call you ‘nazi’, ‘fascist’, ‘blackshirt’, ‘jackboot’ etc. etc I suspect you will end up being the one more offended. If you do leave personal insults and I know where your blog is be warned I may pass your details to the ‘heavy mob’ who are far less sensitive than me and may pay you a visit, rough you up a bit that sort of thing, nothing major just a friendly warning, know what I mean?!

Altho’ I gleaned some comments out of people for my Capitalism post and my anti BNP post, none of you right-wingers actually attempted to defend any discernable position which I find staggering. If I find that someone has written something about the Left that is incorrect I seek to tell them by proving it in arguement that’scalled the dissemination of information -come on that’s got to be corporate buzzword enough for you guys to understand.

Anyway, other news now -I went placarding today, putting some Respect election stuff around town to spread the word. For those of you in the UK there will be an election broadcast on the telly tomorrow –

  • ITV1 23.00
  • BBC1 at 23.20
  • BBC2 at 17.55
  • BBC1 Cymru Wales 23.05
  • BBC2 Cymru Wales 17.40
  • S4C  Midnight

Go on give it a watch then you can tell me what you think.

Blogging news, had over 200 comments now and 2870 hits, I was top of the Blog City commentors yesterday but udfko has toppled me again, I have no idea what s/he comments on, but the blog is all very techie. However I have now been on the top 5 list for over 2 weeks so I’m quite chuffed, my blog-diving has paid off.

Original Comments:

A visitor made this comment,
when you’re throwing something big on the other side and you hit them on the proper ground they would usually send back some thrash perhaps due to the inadequacy of a proper argument…but that should not give you the same leeway to send back another trash because here comes the trashy talks. then everything goes personal. seen it so many times before.
Besides that, I think the reason why people are visiting your blog is because of your extreme views. Trash the tag, you don’t care how people referred to you. I think what’s important is that you don’t stoop down by throwing the same trash.

*I notice that people are enjoying being called “commie” without even realizing what the word really means. i think that’s more scary. no, i’m not referring to you per se…it’s more of an observation….bloghopping from left to right or vice versa.


[Redbaron responds -Rayts I respect your views as a reader and rational commentor. I hope you do not feel that I have reduced my blog to trash or am getting personal in any way. I can assure you that it is not my intention and I can usually resist the temptation to hurl personal abuse.
As regards my extreme views, are they really that extreme? I haven’t gone into serious policy depth here, I’ve generally concentrated on key points and the rebuttal of things I disagree with. OK I am perhaps fairly staunchly to the Left but extremism is a very serious concept. I would be concerned if I were called an extremist by anyone other than those who know me and my politics very well indeed!
“Commie” is a very weighted term, it depends on what is meant by it. By the same token as the circumstances you describe there are many people who would be accused of being ‘commies’ when this is incorrect, furthermore there are the accusers who use the term ‘commie’ to mean anyone who is at all left of centre or non-nationalist. Another thing you must remember is that many people take ‘commie’ to refer to a Soviet Union or China style of state and this is completely wrong. I feel the need to reclaim ‘commie’ from that ground, in that I have much sympathy with genuine communism and therefore see no problem with being called a ‘commie’.
I hope as a regular reader you will inform me if ever I descend to trash or get bogged down with personal insults, I hope it should never be necessary for you to do so.]

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A visitor made this comment,
Funny that we should be thinking of eachothr one the same day-wait, this blog was from yesterday-oh well.
I want to thank you for teaching me an important lesson about public blogging. It gives other people the chance to trash you because of things you blog on-mine being mostly my personal life. After i read your comment about my blog, especially busting on me for my lack of good spelling. Really, did that make you feel better? No, don’t bother answering it because i won’t be “visiting” your blog again, or doing anymore of mine. After reading your last comment on my blog, i deleted it all-even tried to delete the account. it may make you happy to know I didn’t know where to find the code to do so. Therefore, I will just wait until they delete it themselves from me not blogging, because i never will again. Thank you! A friend asked me what happened to it, and after telling them, it made me think to email you and thank you for leaving your first comment (rather, your blog site) when my blog was not even a political blog, it was personnal, and nobody elses business, except that i did leave myself open to nasty comments like yours. There are some things that should be kept to ones self-period. This was my way of working out personal feelings with no-one other than one friend who knew about my blog-you know, a journal that cannot be found by most friends and family membersalso know that after I deleted my blogs, I did not come back to your site to read what you or others may have said about me-nor will I read any comments left after this comment. I would have given you my personnal email addy if everybody else in the world could email me as well. But it should make you happy that i have left my name-which i did the last time i blogged you since they was a big ruckus when I didn’t leave my name the first time, which infact i did leave it in the URL. i don’t know why it didn’t show up.
Anyway, you can respond to this however you want because i will not be back to read it, or any other blog for that matter. So whatever words you choose to say will only fall on others ears. By you naming me in your blog, that has obviously made your blog even more popular. So, you can keep my name alive if you choose, but i will never see it again to reply too.
Thanks again for turning me off to blogging. now i will just keep all thoughts to myself about my life-hope your really as happy as you make yourself out to be.
PLEASE pardon me if i spelled any words in this comment wrong!
Good Day!
From: Jen

[Redbaron responds – the first time I read this comment I felt quite hurt and sad that someone would no longer be blogging and that they blamed me for this. I am not of the opinion that stopping a right-wing person from blogging is a good thing their politics are still the same so they haven’t been swayed by any arguement they have just retreated into their shell. It is a shame Jen removed the comments I had made because then people would be able to judge for themselves whether they felt she was right to be so billious in her attack on me. I feel not and can only suggest people look at the comments that she made which remain on my blog. I came across Jen’s blog whilst blog diving -she had made an entry that just referred to her keeping the blog open to prevent shutdown. It was the only entry that month and I did not go back any further but posted a comment saying that I was leaving a comment to encourage her to come back more often. there was no politics involved at this point. Jen then posted on my blog here http://redbaron.blog-city.com/read/616848.htm and to be honest the comments she made I found quite disturbing. I told her as such and posted on my blog that I didn’t feel it would be appropriate to flame her as she clearly had her own problems. I do not recall the exact words of my comment on her blog that she refers to but has sadly deleted, I suspect at worst I was a little pompous and quite patronising but in response to what I had got I believe I was measured.
I am though rather worried that rayts prophecy is coming true and I do not wish this blog to degenerate into a slanging match between various right-wingers and me. I reiterate I am more than happy to discuss politics with you. I have suceeded in discussing politics with right-wingers many times before without it coming to blows, I find such discussions illuminating and I welcome exploring somebody else’s point of view.
I was considering a non-political blog next but I am not sure now I don’t wish it to look like I’ve chickened out. I shall have a think. I am not though going to apologise for my politics nor remove the importance of politics from my blog. If you look back over the months there are other topics covered but I have been in something of politico mode due to the forthcoming elections here.]

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Katie made this comment,
Don’t lower yourself to the level of banter with Rick (aka Metao) his experience of what women think is somewhat limited and I enjoy messing with him. He’s a sweetie really. The festival thing, well actually the problam has solved itself, some has come forward as my knight in shining armour as it were. Don’t get me wrong it is the music that I want to go for, however it is unfortunately not safe in ‘this day and age’ for a young woman to do such things by herself. I was at Reading a couple of years ago and ther were nearly half a dozen reported sexual assults/rapes. I may be fiercely independent but a girls got to look out for herself.
Other than that, was it only me that laughed at the idea of Jen getting herself all worked up and writing that comment? Plus I don’t think that your views are that extreme, in fact I agree with a lot of them, however I am a realist rather than an idealist.
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Rachel made this comment,
although your welcoming attitude towards anyone who disagrees with your opinion is quite dignified, you never know just what someone may say. i don’t know what your reaction is to stuff like that, when someone says something to me that is the complete opposite of my political opinions, i usually spend a lot of time trying to get them to cross over to my side. and yet by the end of the conversation, with compromise no where in sight, i’m usually to the point where i say ” you know what, i don’t care what you think anymore” and there’s a half hour i won’t get back again.
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ryan made this comment,
YA USED ME, RED BARON, YA USED ME! *brakes down and starts to cry*
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