OK now last year I found out about the Marxism festival and I went for the weekend. It was great I was completely politicsed out by the end -I’ve never been politicsed out before but 3 seminars a day and lots of politics talk down the pub afterwards pretty much did it! I had only sex left to talk about for days!

It’s not a fringe thing it’s lots of Labour (old proper Labour that is) SWP, some of the Communists, big names like Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway come down to speak. I found it very energising to find that there were loads of like-minded lefties out there. The seminars were well attended and there were so many topics that it was difficult to figure out what to go to and what to miss.

Anyway that brings me to the reason for the post -you want to know where the Baron will be 9/10/11th of July -it’s Marxism 2004. check out the website. Not enveryone’s cuppa I’ll grant you but if you like politics and beer it’s an annual must -not just a male thing either I think the ratio is slightly more female to male. Anyway you might catch a glimpse of the Baron so surely that’s incentive enough!

In the meantime those of you who’ve got that ballot paper – ie those not living in the East Midlands ‘cos we ain’t got shit, look at it, see that Respect person -they’re all right they are you give them a cross from the Baron. If you’re anti-war then it’s your only choice, if you’re anything to the left of Attila the Hun they’re your only choice. Check out the political compass and if you start getting minuses then you’re a Respect kind of person.

-That was a Party Political Blog on behalf of Respect – The Unity Coalition.-

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haywood made this comment,
(drunk post)is it possible to go so far left that you end up on the right side, is the political zone a sphere?
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[Redbaron responds -No it most certainly is not]
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David S made this comment,
I will not be voting respect because the elections are for the European Parliament which is an important institution and I have not heard any policies about Europe from Respect. This is not a referendum on the war, that is what general elections are for, surely.
Also I wouldn’t trust George Galloway as far as I could through him and I’m not as strong as I use to be.
This is despite getting minuses on the political compass
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[Redbaron responds -I respect your right to choose Dave but I’d disagree with you on a couple of points. Firstly Respect is NOT the George Galloway party -I have in my role as branch press officer spoken to central office to say that putting George on London posters may be fine but in East Mids. he isn’t a candidate. Respect is far more than just an anti-war party. It is built out of the anti-war movement sure but it is a culmination of people on the left who have finally, and I believe correctly, given up on the notion that the Labour party can be reclaimed and Muslims who are in danger of being completely disenfranchised. If you want to look at the Respect European Manifesto there it is. You are correct Dave, the European Parliament is an important institution and if you feel Europe and the EU is going the way that you want then that’s ok. I however see a big danger that we are being shepherded into a referendum on the EU constitution where you are either pro or anti- Europe. This is bollocks, I am pro-Europe but not in its current guise where the freedoms all lie with the corporations and the responsibilities with the people. None of the mainstream politicians have any intention of changing that direction. Furthermore you mention the war well, you might think the General Election is the time for it but one could say that if you strengthen the Euro. Parl. with genuine popular representatives perhaps it will not be such a toothless dog. Many European countries opposed the war, some vocally and some less so, perhaps if we have some sensible MEPs we can forge a proper Europe of people before profit and finally bury the one way partnership, sorry ‘Special relationship’.
And really Dave you being an intelligent and politically-minded person you could always have had a look at what Respect stood for. I’m quite happy that you vote the way you feel but I would hope that you would do so on the issues and not your dislike of a singular personality.]
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Rachel made this comment,
ever read “the gospel according to larry?” i feel you would enjoy.
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A visitor made this comment,
i should admit (with some shame) that i accidentally burnt respect’s campaign leaflet on the fire yesterday.
sorry about that everyone.

[Redbaron responds – Don’t worry Leah dear, it’s only when the Revolution comes that you’ll have to be concerned! You dangerous reactionary you!]
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David S made this comment,
will you be against the Special relationship so much when Kerry wins the election?
My concerns over Galloway aren’t based on any accusations about his links with Iraq, but if you use him as your main public face then it is unlucky and unsuprising that it might affect their vote

[Redbaron responds -My view on the Special relationship will not change regardless of who is in power in the White House, why should it, Kerry is just as much an establishment figure as Bush or Clinton, his changes will be mild tinkerings with the same system rather than a system overhaul or heaven forbid, anything new. Why should George not be one of the public faces after all Labour have Blair and many labour voters hate him! I know you have reasons for your mistrust of George and that’s fair enough but I appreciate his role in the galvanisation of at least some of the left to finally draw a line in the sand and say the Labour party is lost time to start the workers movement again. If you guys within the Labour party feel you can effect a change back to the old values then I’ll be as happy as you, but if you fail to do so some of your old comrades in arms will welcome you to a new party that is seeking to do what the original Labour party was set up to do.]

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David S made this comment,
also do you really want troops out immediately? I doubt that would be the best thing for Iraq but I may be wrong

[Redbaron responds -Yes, let me make it quite clear, troops out Now, forthwith, immeadiately, without delay. The troops staying is certainly not the best thing for Iraq nor is the US continuing to meddle trying to have influence over any governing body. So get the troops out and let the Iraqis attempt to rebuild their country, if they want help then let them figure out what help they need and from whom. After all that’s the free and democratic way isn’t it?!]
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