Can’t get going tonight maybe just writing something will kick start my brain. It’s partially the concentration. I even started a blog on the merits of Tea but only got a paragraph -it was a good paragraph but not too long so I may come back to that another day. So I thought WTF I’d write about having nothing to write about and try to beat it at it’s own game. Being speechless is not something I am especially accustomed to and this is no exception to that I could write shite on any manner of topics but I get partially through and think no, don’t like it, it isn’t funny or it doesn’t inform or it just doesn’t express properly what is was supposed to express, so best to stop, take stock, rearrange thoughts and go back to it later.
So that’s what I did but still no real flow, I might have a blog dive soon to see if that kicks anything off but I suspect it’ll just be asinine references to the death of that git who screwed the world up in the 80s -ok he didn’t do it alone he had the witch (and all being well she’ll be bloody gone soon) but he was one of the most reactionary forces of our generation -you expect the Baron to mourn the loss of such a conservative zealot, I’m afraid you’ll wait long to see me shed any tears.

Anything else, well I have been knocked off my perch as the top commentator, actually I’m in 3rd place which is the worst I’ve been in for a while. Shows I may be spreading myself too thin -not enough brain to go round. Might have to consolidate for a bit. It’s been quiet on the blog front today, not a lot of people about. I installed a new counter which tracks individual hits -ie people who haven’t visited before and we’ve had 150 of you – Hello, good to have you here even if you’re just passing through. I am quite pleased that I’m making it onto some people’s top referrers lists which means people are using my links which is good. Never know one day I might make it into the Top 3 Rant blogs bit -there’s something to aim for.

I think that may be all I can eek out of the spongiform for now. I may come back to it if I get inspired, don’t hold your breath!

[An amusing postscript, I was writing something in a word processing program (not Word) and my text happened to include the word ‘renationalise’ as well it might, the spell checker flagged this up and the only word it offered me as a substitute was ‘denationalise’! I was understandably rather miffed and have updated the user dictionary with 20 years of socialist vocabulary!]

2am update -oh I just can’t keep my hands off. I may have been a little silly -like a kid taunting the big boys. I couldn’t resist it the tributes to Reagan are everywhere and all these affluent “I’m all right Jack” imbeciles are pouring praise claiming that Reagan did all these wonders for the world -well he did wonders for his little microcosm of it and his flunkies, he didn’t do shit for Central America nor for the ordinary people in his own country. He was a right-wing zealot, the worst kind who believes God is telling him to do things. I was there in the 80s you can’t fool me -Greed, avarice, materialism, individualism, money=power, big business is good, social cohesion is bad etc. etc. etc. it was the authentication of white supremacy, tacit imperialism. I look back on it now with contempt and disgust. It set the human race back more than we can currently calculate. Anyway I think it may have opened the floodgates so there may be roaming neo-cons -heads down people I’ll get the semtex!

Song Of The Day – The Stranglers – No More Heroes

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Katie made this comment,
I’ve *never* known you be lost for words, I’m the noisiest person I know (stop thinking that right now dirty boy) and you talk far more than me. Thought the communism blog was really interesting, don’t agree with some of the points about human nature but have just been a four-day bender so my head is completely devoid of any intellect. Probably give you a ring tonight.
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comment added :: 6th June 2004, 14:05 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
i remember protesting outside the american embassy when he bombed Libya.
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comment added :: 6th June 2004, 14:36 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
Baron,I am really disappointed by those remarks about Ronald reagan and his wife you made.
when we first became aquainted and I was so combatative towards you and skunk, comments you made really made me think about that, and then I came back to talk in a nicely disagreeable way. Made me have a certain kind of respect towards you. That’s why i am so disappointed that you would say such an awful thing about a man dying, and hopes of his wife soon in his heels. No person deserves such a mean “happiness” from another human being unless they did things so awful, like Sadam, bin, Adolf, etc., did. How could you believe in equality and being humane, etc., but yet say such things about two people? I don’t even feel I need to defend anything Mr. Reagan did, or did not do, in his time in office, because I feel those hateful remarks take prescidence over any of that.
I also want to comment on your communism, but have to come back another time for that as I am being called away from the computer. I have a very good friend that is over here from Poland for a few years of “American” work since she has earned her master’s degree (from poland). I had breakfast the next morning after your blog on communism, and would like to relate some of her comments and quotes about living under communistic rule. I can tell you, she would never want it again.

[Redbaron responds – Jen, hon you were doing so well too. I’m afraid you jumped the gun on a couple of things, altho’ mistaking Margaret Thatcher for Ronald Reagan’s wife is understandable (certainly for a leftie so I’m pleased with you there!) it isn’t actually correct. Interestingly enough I probably feel the same way about Thatcher as your Polish friend does about the old days of her upbringing. I do hope tho’ that you aren’t going to make the mistake of the assertion that the old Eastern Bloc was Communist because of course it wasn’t and I suspect your friend will be able to tell you if she has read any Marx & Engels that the state system was far from any solution provided by them.
As regards my comments about Reagan well no they weren’t entirely offensive I simply said I wasn’t going to weep over someone who had caused so much damage, don’t forget Libyan people have families too as to those in El Salvador and Nicaragua whose democratically elected governments were overthrown by this “Free-Thinking” despot. Would you have cried over Stalin, Hitler, Brezhnev etc?]

comment added :: 7th June 2004, 19:10 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
Celebrities always go in threes…I wonder who’s next?
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[Redbaron responds – Can I choose, can I please? It’ll be like Death & The Penguin -preemptive obituaries and all!]

comment added :: 7th June 2004, 19:30 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
aw, bugger, i bet its me. im a celeb, arnt i??? 😉
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[Redbaron responds -Nah Moog Willow the Wisp hasn’t been on for ages and Kenneth is long in the ground.]

comment added :: 7th June 2004, 20:01 GMT+01