Simon Peter Cumbers, journalist, born January 23 1968; died June 6 2004

You can read his obituary in The Guardian here

The loss of somebody who was working essentially for all of us is hard to bear. Simon Cumbers was an enthusiastic and brave photo journalist who was in a position of some danger so that we can sit in our comfortable chairs at home and watch the news from these places and write our own opinions on what is going on without having to face the same danger. Thank you for that Simon, I hope that we may at least use the information you provided us with wisely so that your death as much as possible may not be in vain.

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Karen made this comment,
Very sad, what would we do without these brave souls
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[Redbaron responds -Indeed. I would have nothing to blog]

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Rachel made this comment,
what was he doing over there? i mean, was he being a camerman, or did he stop working to fight? so many reporters and camermen are only there because it’s what they’re job requires. so many people are dying anyway…but don’t get me started on THAT.
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[Redbaron responds -Simon worked for the BBC and it was in that capacity that he was over there with BBC foreign correspondant Frank Gardner. He was not in combat and Riyadh is not supposed to be a combat zone -is George Bush now plannning to go into Saudi as part of the war against terror? Of course he isn’t]

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Rachel made this comment,
you’re slightly mistaken, but only very slightly. no one in the US government cares if ANYONE dies during the war against terror,(irishman or not) as long as THEIR panties stay on straight, the money keeps rolling in, and they get re-elected. The only thing going on in george bush’s noggin is what he can do to ensure another four years in that death trap we call politics. you kno, along with “is there REALLY life on mars?” screw working on what’s happening on earth, and to our country and those surrounding ours. for him to care about THAT would be FAR too much work for a PRESIDENT!
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