OK I decided to let you off the hook again and give you a quick breather, well in the ‘spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down’ way! I shall attempt to steer away from politics this time around partially because at the time of writing I don’t have anything original to say and I’ve used up my blogs in reserve so this will probably be fairly dull Journalblog type stuff… no don’t go! I also feel that it is right to let the dust settle after I put the Simon Cumbers tribute blog in. I do not think I am likely to be prone to this sort of thing but I did feel that as I feel free to comment on the news and my principal source of visual news is the BBC and probably always will be, it was only fair to pay tribute to one of the people who provided me with the information that I use for my blogs. Where are the American eulogies now eh? Reagan dies and they’re all out claiming he should practically be canonised. A courageous and non-violent man dies and there’s only silence. If I hadn’t said I wouldn’t do politics tonight I could be getting quite hot under the collar. I hasten to add that the blog to Simon Cumbers was not in response to the Reagan tributes, I just thought it important that somebody showed their appreciation and there didn’t appear to be anyone else coming forward so I was happy to do it.

Deep Breaths onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten, better now.

On the blogging front, I have now blogged 47 days in a row, I’m quite chuffed with myself as I think by and large the output quality has been pretty good. It has shown me properly that all the reservations I once had about how you couldn’t control creativity and it was far better to write as and when the mood took you than sit down in regimented fashion and work through prove to be false. I suspect this is precisely why the professional writers say just that, you train yourself to work like a normal job, I could never understand that, perhaps because romantically my idea of a Bohemian was to write off the cuff at stupid times of the day because you can.

Blog stats. I did for a brief time have 2, yes 2 mailing list signups but 1 decided to go AWOL, I was quite gutted -come back, they’ll be treats! I may reach the magic 5000 hits this month towards the end, may also hit 300 comments and if I keep going day for day then I won’t be far off 150 entries. I have been going 142 days now and have managed to maintain almost 1 blog : 1 Day ratio. This was of course always the point, I used to just forget to write my diary and stuff would get forgotten. I still do that now and again especially morning things that happen before 10.30 because I’m still half asleep! I have also discovered various blog link sites and since I now know and therefore need to face up to my own vanity (thanks Kate) I have given up the pretence of solely doing it for me. I want to be heard or at least I need to feel that I can potentially be heard.

I had a particularly bad fight with the ex this evening so I’m feeling a little jaded, and to cap it all there were some blokes sniffing around the house and they got into one of the neighbours van while he was in it so we’ve had the plod chopper scouting around etc. -course it took 30 mins till it got here so the blokes were long gone but now we know why we pay shite loads of council tax.

Song Of The Day – The Beloved ~ Sweet Harmony

Original Comments:

Rachel made this comment,
oh, i see you’re worshipping ronald reagans death about the same as i was. (i didn’t want any reagan lovers spewing your splenes all over my blog, tends to get kinda messy, but really quite fun) three hundred comments, huh? a goal is in sight!!!
comment added :: 9th June 2004, 01:56 GMT+01
rayts made this comment,
most of the editorial of our local newspapers have their own eulogies to Reagan’s recent death, not to mention the teeming footages…so reading them in every American blog couldn’t be worse.
ha! i noticed i’m one of your top referrers now…i really didn’t realize it …i kept coming in this blog mainly to read and see some updates. Most of all, I really enjoy looking at that clock you placed in that li’l gutter of yours. right now, it says…2:55 am (or pm?)….but from where I am in right now, the actual time is…9:00 am…isn’t that great?! i dunno…i really had fun looking at that clock. : )

comment added :: 9th June 2004, 02:57 GMT+01
Karen made this comment,
Hey dude! I just wanted to ask you a few things and say thanks for dropping by my blog and reading my crap! I wondered how you came by mine and am I right to assume you are a brit? there are so many things I am curious about but hey thats just me, I will shut up now
Visit me @ http://karen.blog-city.com

comment added :: 9th June 2004, 13:20 GMT+01
David S made this comment,
People probabley don’t sign up to your mailing list because you write so many entries, imagine have lots of e-mails about a blog you will visit anyway. Its bad enough with the amount of spam you get. Remember, less is more, usually, although sometimes more is more, more or less.
Visit me @ http://glasgowdave.blog-city.com

[Redbaron responds -Thanks Dave that makes me feel less of a pariah altho’ I would have thought there might at least be 1 individual hanging on my every word, after all there isn’t that much to do in Belmarsh!]

comment added :: 9th June 2004, 14:36 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
i agree with the comment above, but what the hell. i am now on your mailing list! as for the whole “blood diamonds” thing that was on my latest blog, i agree, i used to be a loyal buyer of converse sneakers, until i realized that the whole of converse has been sucked into nike, and i don’t think i could live with wearing shoes that little taiwanese nine year olds made.
Visit me @ http://palmysinfullbloom.blog-city.com

comment added :: 10th June 2004, 01:15 GMT+01
protagonist made this comment,
i would sign up for your blog if i knew how. i am new to blogging so i don’t know much how this works, if i did, there wouldn’t be one protagonist consisting of two people, but we had to have a way that both of us could post to the same site.
but i have to admit – america may seem to be canonizing reagan right now, but people will soon remember what a horrible president he was. i was mainly a kid when he was in office but i remember all the scandals. funny how we bombed libya after a bombing that killed 1 soldier in a german disco but we allow 800 soldiers to die and no one is accountable. Fucking Rummy.

I am going to Japan for a couple months. It will be good to get away from this context. By the way, RB, are you situated in Europe?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog every once in a while, although I hope you found the public rather than the private blog…

comment added :: 10th June 2004, 02:39 GMT+01