My blogs have been rather dry of late, there hasn’t been a lot of humour. I guess I haven’t had a good rant for a while and I can feel one brewing soon, the political parties are pissing me off as are the Media the usual suspects then, although Respect got good representation in The Guardian today when they interviewed a load of Guardian type celebs, people like Mark Steel who will be voting Respect.

Other than that I had one of those days where I was struggling to get going properly, what with coffee morning and a lunch playing pool in the union I managed to get to the afternoon fairly easily, but it was sweaty weather, we had 31 in the sun, now I quite like the heat but when it’s proper heat, Midlands land-locked heat is pretty intolerable when it gets into the 30s unless it’s jsut rained or such. Anyway only 1 day left this week ‘cos Fri I’m going to a Parent’s meeting at my daughter’s nursery where they’re going to tell us what little angels our kids are except where did they learn to say **** and @%£^?

I don’t have a great deal to say today and I’m anxious to get a reasonably early night, OK it may not be your idea of an early night but pre 1 am is pretty good for me, any earlier and I’d be coming down with something. Only 2 days to go to the 50th back to back blog -although I have to say if the next 2 are as uninspiring as this one I may choose to take a break to reset a bit rather than go on for the sake of it.

I found some more link things and personality tests today -I am apparently an ESTP which on most sites gives a reasonably accurate description but on one site seems to be a rather different person. Oh and according to another test I should probably file for imminent Chapter 7 bankrupcy in the Los Angeles area! That doesn’t seem a bad idea at the mo’!

Finally a Big Up to my brother Red out there in blogland -Bob Red himself who has kindly offered his support for the Baron’s Sucessive drivel postings. Make sure you check out Bob if you haven’t already done so, Bob was in fact the first other blogger I read and subsequently linked to so realistically speaking you have him to blame for the fact I inflict this daily tripe on you all! Pay Bob’s sister site The Durex Matrex a visit it’ll make him chuffed.

And you see fecking 1am already it’s not possible to go to bed before 1am.

Song Of The Day – Ride ~ Vapour Trail

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