I care who you vote for, obviously I’d like you to vote Respect because I think for those of us on the Left who’ve been disenfranchised for years this is the first chance to actually cast a socialist vote. The rest of you not that way inclined that’s fine but do vote anyway, it is important to declare what you do and don’t believe in. This is a European election so there isn’t any point voting tactically just vote for who you feel you want and if that happens to be the Respect candidate then you’ve a friend for life in the Baron here.

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Hope the election turns out well– and YES, you got it so right on the middle-aged-middle-class git who buys a harley– that was my point exactly.

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Yep, I’m voting Respect for all those good reasons. There’s got to be an alternative to all the other stuff.
And btw, trying to get to bed before 3 AM is my ongoing new year’s resolution. Haven’t quite managed it yet, but will keep trying.

Natalie []

[Redbaron responds -Natalie your comment was music to my ears I will have to figure out a way of upgrading your link status on my blog!!! If you crack the 3am bit, do let me know -I have to get up at 8am to drive 50 miles to work and it’s going to kill me eventually.]

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Hi, just returning the visit! Welcome to my faves list 🙂
(PS The “sinister face” on my blog is Jack-in-the-Green.)
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