Goodbye Ray Charles

A great man and superb blues performer. Ray Charles’ smile and enthusiastic playing movements made him utterly unique. It is easy to forget the staggering amount of music that Ray actually performed. You try getting his back catalogue, it’ll take ages and cost a fortune.

2 high-profile men have died this week -compare their legacies to mankind and judge accordingly.

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Pimme made this comment,
Finally, someone dies who I’ll actually miss. ;^) Ray’s music always meant a lot to me, and his songs will live on long after the one-hit wonders of today fade into oblivion. Uh-huh!
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moog made this comment,
very well said.
i shall miss his smile.
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Tine made this comment,
I didn’t know about his dead. I love his music.
We sure will miss him
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Rachel made this comment,
glaucoma at eight. that’s gotta be malnutrition, and he managed to go on for how many years? sharing his music with us. GOD BLESS!
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protagonist made this comment,
i agree – a moment of silence to ray. man, as an 8 year chicagoan, fan of the blues, i have to admit that i greatly regret the day i missed a concert of his in Chicago. i don’t remember what i was doing but it coulden’t have been better than seeing ray charles live. his voice will be missed – a lot.
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The Girl made this comment,
I haven’t heard any of his songs but I grieve with you guys. The fact that I haven’t heard any of his songs, is maybe because I never considered branching out in the music field thing. “I love your page by the way!” so artistic and the powerful entries. *sigh
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ale2000 made this comment,
very sad loss, indeed…what a legend! the song “america the beautiful” can never be matched by his rendition that i love to hear every 4th of july.
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_Cy_ made this comment,
listen to Georgia, perhaps his most well-known but least representative song. there’s a point in it, just after the bridge, whre he vamps a little “wooo-oo, whooho- hoo” part, and for the first notes he sings in his natural register, but then he goes falsetto on the final notes of the fill. after hundreds of listens this little leap of faith, perfectly executed, still sounds spontaneous and heart-breakingly beautiful. this moment encapsulates what i will miss most about him, the honesty, raw courage, and beauty of his music and his voice. i hope you are happy now, ray, wherever you are.
…and thanks for the encouragement, señor baron. : ^ )

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Karen made this comment,
*sniff* another musical legend gone!
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