Tomorrow I will at least have something to report journally speaking because the vote count is a new thing to me so should be interesting. I hope we get a good turnout, I genuinely don’t think Craig is going to be elected but I’d love to see the look on his face if the votes start looking good, he’ll crap his pants he doesn’t speak French, then again I promised him if he got elected I’d be his Sir Humphrey in Strasbourg ha ha ha

Have you ever been in a situation where you sit and you know you’re dissatisfied with things but you can’t quite put your finger on what particularly is the catalyst on this occasion? You know that if you do discover it it will shape your mood which is currently on hold -it could spell the beginning of a bad patch or it could pass and be superceeded by some hope. At the moment it’s a cross between anticipation and boredom. This is probably a product of having spent the afternoon posting minutiae on ebay, stuff that’s going to cost me more to bloody sell than I’m likely to make for it, but I have to do something, I am now over my O/D limit and when the bank find out on Monday they’re going to be fucked off and my CC is maxed out. It’s not that I’m having another ‘Woe is me I have no cash’ altho’ hold that thought! I just feel that life at the moment has been for too long about that struggle from one monthly crisis to another with very little positivity surrounding that because there simply isn’t time to concentrate on it.

No I’m not in despair as I said, it’s part sadness it’s part anger and frustration and just a little resignation because it’s been like this for a long time. The only way to change it is to be more selfish than even I can really be and I would regret that for my life.

I’m rambling really, I have nothing to say but having gone this far I still feel it would be a degree of self-censorship to can this entry because there’s no way I’d publish it tomorrow. So I must apologise for this tripe, I’ll try to do better in future this has been no more than a B- (See me)

BTW for those of you who may have been long-term visitors here (Saints you are!) you may remember I fell down a hill injuring myself whilst on holiday. This was of course a consumately foolish thing to do compounded by the fact that it bloody hurt. Anyway it looks as if I have actually done some proper damage after all as my foot is in a right 2 & 8 when I slipped this afternoon and bent my toe back again it was actually more painful than the ifrst time, it really did smart a bit. It’s been 7 odd weeks since I did it and my knee is iffy but not giving me major discomfort but the foot is not good, it shouldn’t have taken this long to heal if you’ll excuse the pun, anyone starts talking about toeing the line or being on the second leg etc. there will be trouble!

Song Of The Day – The Beatles ~ Don’t Let Me Down

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Katie made this comment,
Yes I do indeed have green eyes, of course I never said, you never asked me what I looked like.
Spooky coincidence with the leg thing though. Feel better
(BTW I’m not a big fan of yellow gold)
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comment added :: 13th June 2004, 03:42 GMT+01
Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
hope you enjoyed the trip, have a good break, etc, etc… sorry RB, once you said don’t do it, I had to just do it. hope you get mended soon comrade.
comment added :: 13th June 2004, 12:52 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
“insignificance and helplessness”, never two of my favorite emotions. the feeling that you’re caught between two different things, but you can never figure out which way you’re swaying? yeah, that feeling sucks. kind of like when you get an unrecognizable tune stuck in your head. it bothers you before and while you’re trying to remember the title, then when you forget about it, you identify it, and it goes away.
since you have a queen, are you ever really included in anything that has to do with the well being of your country. i mean, we’re in enough of a hole in america, i can’t imagine how it would feel to have no say, or no idea what was happening. well, now that i think of it, it’s not THAT different. well, i can’t think of any questions really, just how do you feel over all, and would you rather have a democracy?

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comment added :: 14th June 2004, 01:27 GMT+01