I said circumspection mind, I didn’t take the election results that badly! Today I was at work a man possesed, I actually did some work, a rareity in itself and managed to find the time to write 4,000 odd blog words, I am now 5 blog entries ahead of schedule so I can relax for a little this week. I will post them this week I think because otherwise I only tinker with them and because I’m on a different tack when I do I can’t quite get the same sense back. However I thought I had enough tonight for an entry on its own, and bearing in mind I’m back at the dentist tomorrow I may be able to do that one too, after that

Nobody actually mentioned the elections to me at work today I guess they realised I’d be a little muted. I did find out that there were a few parts of the country where we didn’t do too badly in the scheme of things. Still, I have consoled myself with the fact that the Labour party, formed in 1900 didn’t have proper electoral success until the election of 29 MPs in the election in 1906 so all movements have to start somewhere. I am waiting to see how things line up now, we did at the end of the day get 252,216 votes which is a pretty decent start. There are even some wards where the party was first beating Labour etc. This was the case in East London and parts of Birmingham so it’s not all doom and gloom and after all we don’t have the cash of the big parties so I am feeling better today about things. We have a meeting tomorrow a kind of debrief if you like. I think my local lot will be fine on balance I am waiting to see the reaction at national level, we shall see now who is really prepared to stand up and be counted.

I have decided to write some more of my occasional series on Open University Idiot’s Guide to Politics this is because I do go on rather about British politics and for the Americans and some of the other more far-flung readers it may be worth explaining how things work. This will constitute nearly half of this weeks offerings.

The Ipcress File is on at the moment, one of the finest films ever, an absolute classic, great plot, 60s style, Cold War intrigue, Michael Caine, cracking music it has to be my all time fav. -if you’re coming to the end of this blog wondering what to do BBC1 is your man. Trust the Baron!

Oh and by the way get your votes in on the Baron’s GWBush poll, competition is fierce and there’s only one vote in it.

Song Of The Day – Alice Martineau ~ If I Fall

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Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
Baron I have to say that just getting the deposits back must be considered a victory in today’s climate (did that happen anywhere?), and i fear it will take more than six years to contend. I admit that I hoped there would be a flicker from a New Left movement to counter the axis of evil but it was never likely was it? There isn’t even a genuine opposition media any more. I suppose our only consolation is that there are so many parties on the right now that the vote is split and hopefully the moderates (labour) will dominate until the left returns. KilroyfuckingSilk gets his tan from his 200-acre estate in Spain, so I heard. I presume he’ll be selling it now, being as he’s anti-european an’ all.
Good to see you’re cheering up, RB.

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[Redbaron responds -We have at least made a start I feel, I am waiting to see what happens at Nat. conf. but I think we got the ball rolling and you’re right it may take a while but in my view at least there now is a party that I feel I can vote for regardless of how many other people feel the same, I haven’t been able to say that since I was in Lewisham with a CP candidate on the list.]

comment added :: 15th June 2004, 15:43 GMT+01
Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
I entered your poll, by the way, but I think you are deliberately manipulating the votes by having so few options. Given additional choice, I personally would probably have voted git. Or git.

[Redbaron responds – I agree Jimmy I did limit the options somewhat, but then it was so difficult to draw the line and not include things like Git, and I had actually not thought of Git as you suggested. I guess you have to start somewhere and Git seemed as appropriate as any!]

comment added :: 15th June 2004, 15:47 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
Git or wanker, it’s all the same to me in that poll… ;^)
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comment added :: 16th June 2004, 01:39 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
for a second there, i thought you said circumsision.
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comment added :: 16th June 2004, 23:25 GMT+01